• Animenpc never respose..
    Ignore all questions in face, whatsapp, pm, and their page too
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    Why are you not replying to my messages? I've sent many messages over the last 2 weeks through email, Facebook, and WhatsApp, but I still have not received a single reply!!! I want to know the status of my order!!
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    When ITEM #728444 will be ready to ship? I ordered the limited version from you. Thanks
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    I’m curious why AnimeNPC ships from Hong Kong are all products authentic.
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    are you getting the exclusive artfx bakugo anytime soon? www.animenpc.co...
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    I’ve ordered twice from your website and both items arrived safely, thanks!
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    Is your website down currently?
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    Yes I was referring to the artfx j one ^_^ thanks for your reply!
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    Hello, will you offer the todoroki exclusive version on your website? Thanks.
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    - NOTICE -

    Our website was down for a few days since we were switching hosting company.

    We are currently back up online but due to technical issues, the transfer of order details and customer information is still in progress.

    We are grateful that you are being patience with the long wait!


    Customer Account:

    For those who has an account with us, please note that all customer information would be transferred but the password of your account would be reset.

    Once our system is back online, please login to your account with the email address you registered, with the following default password: passw0rd

    We strongly recommend all customers to change their passwords once you login.


    Customer Orders:

    Please note that all orders would be unable to show up in customer's account temporarily, but not worries since we have all orders recorded off the system so no existing orders would be affected or missed out.

    For customers who has an unfulfilled order that is paid in full, we will be shipping the item(s) out once they have arrived at our warehouse.

    For customers who had partially settled your order, we will be issuing an PayPal invoice to you for the remaining balance about one week before the release of the item you ordered.

    For customers who have completed orders with us, order details and associated reward points would be added back to your account ASAP.


    Feel free to ask if you have any inquiry!

    You could reach us through Email or Facebook or MyFigureCollection:

    -Email: animenpc247@gmail.com
    -Facebook: Animenpc
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