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    berserkfury6 l. temu#2240264Thank you very much for the FR.Yw!
    6 l. temu
    berserkfury6 l. temu#2073123nice pictures. very artsy.
    Thank you for the comment.
    I like your original way to dress up the figures...
    6 l. temu
    Gracias ^_^ espero que la tuya también
    6 l. temu
    Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
    Hi! Im looking for ITEM #167386

    If you ever want to sell her for a good price please let me know

    Btw lovely collection you have
    6 l. temu
    berserkfury6 l. temu#1920611Thanks for the help man, IT WORKS! IT REALLY WORKS!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Great to hear! Makes me really happy :D
    6 l. temu
    Heey, well I hope I helped you out ;)
    6 l. temu
    Soliloquy Bang Bang
    What a wonderful collection!
    7 l. temu
    Thanks for the commnent... picture/29105&a... yeh she looks great without the skirt...

    Oh my you got Shizune... two thumbs up...
    7 l. temu
    hi ! Selling my Namae no Nai Onna if you're interested ;)
    8 l. temu
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