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    sry to bother, but in one of the post I saw how you are making ur money like the one you mentioned such as Swagbucks. Are there any other sites like that, hope u can teach me some tips. Trying to find some ways to support my figure hobby too.

    Thank you so much!
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    Panduhr (3 l. temu) #3033051I got Hinata today!! Gee oh gee he's so cute! Did your's arrive today too? Haha, he's my first nendoroid, but he has so many hands it's confusing lol Oh that's a really good point. Now that I think about it, when I look up Haikyuu pre-owned straps and such, there usually aren't a ton of Nishinoya items. At least not nearly as much as Tanaka, Asahi, and surprisingly Daichi. I think Kenma/Kuroo are even more popular than Tsukishima? I agree, it'd definitely be better if they vary the teams they release. After the next two, it's still 3 Karasuno vs. Oikawa lol. Still, 4 nendoroids feels like a lot for an anime (with a mostly female fanbase?) considering Uta no Prince-sama didn't get full nendoroids.
    Ahhh, I'm not sure I'm going to finish Durarara!! then. Haha, I'm surprised since it seems Izaya is a tad bit more popular? Better for your wallet then!
    I just got into Daiya no A. Seriously cried during the first few episodes. Seriously great. I hope they make a scale for Kominato haha.
    Yeah, I don't often get the opportunity to make friends on the site, so this is really nice! Also you've been collecting for much longer than I have so I feel like you have a lot of nuggets of wisdom lol

    Yes got Hinata too! I immediately took plenty of photos and set him up in a spiking pose! He shall be sitting on my desk until Kageyama comes and I will have to find a more spacious area to put him haha.

    I do think that we are getting a lot of Nendoroids definitely, but I think as long as the demand is there (as it is for Touken Ranbu, Kancolle), GSC is going to make the most of their license. Considering the fact that we are still going to get a Haikyuu movie and second season, I feel that it is still likely that we will get more Nendos as well. I think Uta-Pri is unique in the sense that it is an Otome game, and because the amount of members is fairly substantial that in the case that they wouldn't be able to get to all of the characters in time before the license expired/series popularity dies out, they wanted to strike the iron while it was still hot. Also, it seems that GSC never got ahold of the Kuroko license, so I believe that they are trying to make up for it with other sports anime licenses (Haikyuu, YowaPeda).

    I still think the first season of Durarara was great, but I think some things may have been better left unfinished haha. I remember I had the chance to get Izaya when he was re-released some years ago but no interest haha.
    YES! When I first read Daiya I was so overwhelmed with emotions I seriously cried haha. It's really different than other sports anime in the sense that it's a lot less eccentric and really realistic in terms of playing style coupled with the psychological effects of baseball on its players. Really love it a lot haha. Btw Kominato does have a figure announced item/287835! It's from the same company that does the JoJo figures which makes me kind of hesitant since their styles are SO different, but I have hope!

    Oh geez I cannot believe I've been collecting for 3 years, it seriously feels like longer! If you want any advice yes feel free to come to me haha. You seem to be taking a good path in terms of collecting (making an account on here and keeping updated on figures/and prices was a great start) though, so I think you should be on the right foot.
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    Panduhr (3 l. temu) #3025860Huh.. strange. It takes a while to register, so maybe it works now? Even though I have Finals this week, I'm still excited for Hinata to come!
    lol That's true. The prototypes will probably be a lot cuter than we expect! I also wonder what kind of accessories they will come with... Ah, but I was surprised they announced Nishinoya and not Kenma or Kuroo since they seem to be more popular! Some people say they'll release the entire Karasuno team but it seems highly unlikely, don't you think? There are more popular series that have less nendoroids, aha. So true, but at least we'll have Kageyama and Hinata! (they're my faves, lol)You like Durarara!! too right? I watched a couple years ago, but I haven't gotten back into it yet. I hope they make Izaya and Shizuo nendoroids. Would you pick them up too?
    Oh no problem! We wallowed in despair together lol I'm sorry for spamming your comments with such a huge wall of text lol

    Yes, I'm still surprised they chose to do Nishinoya? I believe he is popular in the Japanese fandom, but even then I think Tsukishima's popularity surpasses him. A full Karusuno team seems unlikely, as I don't think Tanaka or Asahi have much of a fandom. I do want some pairs of other teams though, just so I could set them up playing against each other haha.
    Although it isn't one of my favorites anymore, Durarara does have a special place in my heart. I'm not sure if I would ever get nendoroids of Shizuo or Izaya since I already have the scale of Shizuo and I don't think I care enough for Izaya to buy the matching scale LOL. Coincidentally I did finish the first part of the second season yesterday, and well... It did not motivate me to buy more merchandise for the show lol. It was a tad bit muddled but I hope the next two parts are better since it is a show I really do enjoy...
    But otherwise I'm hoping for more sports anime figures (more dynamic ones please!!) I am waiting for the day for a scale figure of Furuya from Daiya no A to be announced!
    And don't worry about the huge wall of text! I don't talk to many people on this site so it's nice to find someone to talk to.
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    Panduhr (3 l. temu) #3017172Ahhh, mine will arrive Tuesday! So close, yet so far. I know exactly what you mean, It's already been four months since Hinata was originally released... lol And AmiAmi ends up being cheaper as well aha. Are you thinking about getting Nishinoya's or Oikawa's nendroids?
    Thanks for the friend request! I hope we can talk about much more pleasant things than waiting for Anime Island... c:

    For some reason I don't think my tracking number was working, so I imagine it will get here on Tuesday as well!
    I will most likely get Oikawa! He's my favorite in Haikyuu after all. Nishinoya I'm still on the fence about... he's not one of my favorites but I don't want to rule him out just yet because there is no prototype so far. But at the same time I'm really hoping to see an Iwaizumi to go with Oikawa, or anyone from Fukurodani or Nekoma. Too many likable characters in Haikyuu lol

    But yes of course! Thank you for keeping me updated on the Anime Island situation, talking about which nendo to get next is a lot more fun than waiting for one haha
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    Panduhr (3 l. temu) #3013500I know right?? xD It was about time! People are already starting to receive their Kageyama nendoroids as well! (Thankfully, I PO'd from AmiAmi, haha) Hope they get here before Memorial Day, but that would be too good to be true, eh?

    Probably LOL, the past couple of months have been a struggle but the next few days will probably have me the most impatient haha. I ordered my Kageyama Nendo from AmiAmi as well! (and I'm glad I did since I don't think I could take another wait like that)
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    Panduhr (3 l. temu) #3011118The status of my Anime Island order changed to Awaiting Shipment! c:

    I never thought I would see the day when I would get an email saying the package was coming :')
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    Panduhr (4 l. temu) #2968929Hey there! I personally did not receive a reply to my email but a friend did. Basically the delays are because of the port strikes from before. The date has been changed to May 15th, and I think that's the estimated date Anime Island will get their shipment. Most U.S. dealers already have their shipments and have Hinata in stock because they're located in CA. Anime Island's warehouse is located in Pennsylvania and the port is in California, so they'll probably be the last to receive their items. They don't explicitly say that, but basically they chose a bad state to be selling exports. I have no idea whether their deadline is true this time. If you would like, I can update you whenever I learn something new, but A-I isn't keen on updating everyone. c:

    Oh I see! Thank you for letting me know. And yes, that would be great, thank you!
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    Hey! I remember about a month ago you commented on the Hinata Nendo page that you ordered from Anime Island as well? I got an email back a while ago but I haven't gotten any follow up on the status of the shipment. Have you?
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    Oyamatsumi 大山積命
    Ohayou !
    Welcome to you on MFC :3
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