What did you order/receive todayOrders and Recent Shipments (07/17/21 Update)

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    Both a place holder post for the items I've recently ordered (I'll update it with pictures when everything comes in) and a showcase of the items I got in a while ago.

    What I've recently ordered are the following:

    - ITEM #822787

    I've had my eyes on this one for a while but hesitated on purchasing earlier due to her obscene aftermarket prices; I immediately preordered her upon seeing a re-release listing for her on the front page of AmiAmi earlier today. I just hope a re-release of ITEM #822786 comes up soon too as her aftermarket prices are also brutal.

    - ITEM #824194

    Swimsuits are great but I really would have liked for them to re-release their regular outfit versions (close to impossible to find in the aftermarket); I'll take what I can get I suppose... for now.

    Love the show, characters, not the manufacturer (B'full). I'll be posting pictures of a shattered figure, you'll see.

    - ITEM #761427

    Couldn't find her anywhere used after her first run so I absolutely had to preorder her during her re-release run. Again, I'll be posting a pictures of a shattered figure. B'full is not a great manufacturer.

    The following are the items that came in not too long ago:

    - (starting with the top left scroll and moving forth clockwise) ITEM #1244316, ITEM #1244333, ITEM #1244346, ITEM #1244355

    - (In order of the picture, starting from the left) ITEM #815150, ITEM #815152, ITEM #815151, ITEM #815149

    Really love the show, what can I say? I wish I could've gotten more but my checking account told me that I can't for the month.
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    wow good buys, I was thinking about getting kobayashi myself but decided for tohru in her maid outfit first for now also those keychains are adorablee :3 thank you for the early photos :)
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    There also came in not too long ago:

    - ITEM #1191312
    - ITEM #1191310
    - ITEM #1191313


    They're huge. Had to take down the Wataten ones.
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