♡ wonda & reset ♡who do u prefer wonda or reset?

  • cyclopsbully
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    wonda.......or........ reset ?!

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    i love them both so much but wonda is my fave. i really like in the old art how she always wears pants/shorts and loves legos :]
  • Bah-Roo
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    Wonda because she seems to have come first and been the original mascot. Also, her name is a play on "Wonder" - it's too good! Wonda's Wonder Festival. Wonda Festival!!

    Also in the earlier artworks she has brown hair and looks like a regular, everyday girl, if a bit tomboy-ish. I enjoy the tomboyish-ness that she has. I love how the earlier artworks show the two engaging in cosplay activities; either they are cosplaying or constructing costumes or props themselves. It's so cute.

    I find it interesting that Reset's earlier artworks show her with pink hair, but at present she is a blonde and instead it seems Wonda has taken over as "the one with pink hair". I kind of miss Wonda's brown hair, ngl :(
  • hamster
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    i can't decide ! reset's twintails are super cute and i love how energetic she looks, but i like wonda's tomboyish look as well. its hard to choose, i love them both ^_^
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