Spare Parts[Hunting] Headlight piece for Nendoroid More Tiger I [RESOLVED]

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    Hi! I figure this is a long shot but worth a try.

    I ordered an unopened Nendoroid More Tiger I tank from Girls und Panzer, but when I opened it up I discovered that the headlight piece is missing. I'm sure nothing was ever dropped, and it is not included with the assembly pieces nor is it mentioned in the assembly instructions. Therefore I believe that this Tiger I has a defect.

    I got a quick reply from Good Smile Company, and they'd like to help but because of how long ago it was released they no longer carry such pieces. Unfortunate but I understand.

    So I found this site and these forums and figured I give it a try. If someone happens to have a spare headlight that'd be nice but if not... I'll probably live as I'm not that upset, which is a shock even to me. Sure it was initially disappointing but at least it's not as egregious or noticeable as say missing tank treads, and for something that was never opened it was great to get it at $97 instead of ebay prices like $250 (canuck dollars). If I don't get that piece than my Tiger I will just continue to be my happy accident or quirky collectible that I can be content with.

    Anyway here's a link to the product in question: www.goodsmile.i...

    And here is a couple of my own pics:



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    Hey, figured I'd just update by saying that my problem has been solved.

    I couldn't find the part I needed but I did manage to get my hands on a second Tiger I without any defects this time so that's good enough for me.

    Got the decals on it now too and I'm happy with it.
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