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    I just received my copy of Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Visionary Fairies in Shrine in the mail today. For some reason, DHL decided to open the box and perform a security check, but M@k@b3-san didn't bother to tape the box closed, and sent it on partially opened. Not a huge deal since there weren't any loose pieces inside the box, but still...


    The book is illustrated by Makoto Hirasaka, with story by ZUN. On the side of the box containing the figures are some assembly instructions for the fairies.


    I wasn't sure how big the figures were going to be, so I was relieved when I opened the box and discovered they were the same size as the typical petit figure.


    Their wings are made of translucent plastic and plug into the back of the figure. The fit is better on some of the figures than others, but it doesn't seem like they'll just fall off.


    Each base has the name of the fairy it is supposed to go with printed on it. A nice set overall, albeit on the expensive side.

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