Touhou FanclubWhere to get authentic Touhou plushies?

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    I'm looking for plushies like ITEM #12653 but I'm not sure where I can buy the authentic ones from. I never see them listed on Mandarake and all of the ones on eBay seem kinda sketchy, I see people with huge collections of them but I have no idea where they're buying them from, if you buy these plushies where do you get yours? I'd rather not use a proxy if possible.
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    Hi :3 , if you want to buy fumos or nendos (dekas too :3 ) try to not use Ebay , by the way you can always use this page :


    almost all the fumos and nendos (and other ones too!) are legit , that page includes pics of the article so its really hard to get a bootleg one
    and the last thing , if you are not sure about one article , even if you look at the pics , you can ask (always) in this 4chan thread :


    and thats all :3 , i hope i was able to answer your question , cya :3
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