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  • Regular experience but now bankrupt?!

    Did business with them for 2 years. Since May 2017 they worsened their already mediocre customer service and now they dissapear (4 preorder made with them) without notice or refund.
    Not giving 1 star because some good deals.
    Waiting 200 USD refund.
    1 r. temu
  • No Response from CS for three weeks

    Free shipping
    Very Competitive price

    Either customer service or mail system is poor.

    After I placed an order, I sent my info to Anime-island for "manual verification processes". The customer service said he will forward my info to the accounting department.
    After a week, I sent emails to them as I did not get any feedback (the order is still marked manual verification required); I got no response. I sent messages to their Facebook and MFC account; I still got no response.

    I now decide to cancel my order as they do not provide any explanation after three week
    1 r. temu
    Until an order is cleared by our credit card processor the order is not complete and nothing besides waiting for it to clear is possible (except cancelling it completely). We apologize but our card processors are more stringent than ever with stopping fraud before it happens. Unfortunately it also seems this puts extra burden on them to complete the charges for us in a timely manner. We simply cannot give an update until the order clears, once we have sent them the requested info it is up to them to clear the order.
  • Damage Box and No Response from CS

    I ordered a Rise figure from them and they did not ship until a week later. Shipping box is fine but figure box was crashed. I send out email to them 3 times but no one response. Do avoid here if you cares your figures and money because they don't care you at all.
    2 l. temu
    Please note we had an issue with emails last week and noted this on Facebook and in the multiple emails we sent out last week so customers knew we were trying to solve the issue if they hadn't received a response (our issue was outlook.com was not sending our emails out off and on even though everything was setup correctly). The email system is now fixed and we responded and took care of the above customers' issues as soon as the system was working properly again. If you did not receive a reply from us since early last week, please email us again as the system is back up & working as intended
  • Not Too Pleased

    Ordered a few items from here for the first time and all of the figure boxes came either dented, creased, or torn... probably not enough to warrant a return, but I definitely don't have these issues when ordering from TOM. Probably wont order from here again.

    Edited: on 9/4
    I would like to add that I did email customer service after seeing their message here and never once received a response.
    2 l. temu
    Hello Lastexile, we apologize you received items with the boxes damaged, but if you do not contact us and let us know about it as well as send us photos of the issue/s we cannot fix the problem for you or stop it from happening again in the future. Damage could have had happened during transit to you, such as the carrier damaging the shipping box and we may be able to file a claim for you. I would suggest you (and all customers) contact us via email and we will try our best to solve any issue whether thru a partial refund or replacement. We want to make sure customers are happy and Satisfied.
  • Awaiting Fulfillment Awaiting Fulfillment Awaiting Fulfillment !

    I'm still waiting my order #26314 (March 2015 for release in June). 13 month and still nothing

    Also, no answer after 4 e-mail for cancel my order #28062 (thank you Paypal for resolution center).

    Avoid this shop
    3 l. temu
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