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  • Bad experience overall

    I totally forgot about this shop until I casually bumped in a review I left on my profile a couple of years ago blog/12024/comm...
    Since nothing happened and I never received my orders nor my money, I'd say it's a deserved feedback.
    Rude. Bad service.
    2 l. temu
  • Pretty decent prices (in SG) and responsible owner.

    I purchased items from this shop (once in june and another in aug). Plus preordered 3..

    Pricing is generally decent compared to other shops in SG..

    Owner gave me a discount once when the delivery was late for almost 30mins due to an earlier customer failing to show up for appointment which is a nice gesture! Also went out of his way to order replacement item from amiami without change in pricing for me when his supplier failed to supply one of my preordered toys after release day.. pretty cool tho i find him abit talkative lol..

    Will def support again!
    3 l. temu
  • Horrible service. Attitude Problems

    Prices are ok. But owner totally does not understand what is customer service. He seems to think that he has power over the customer especially if the customer has ordered a figurine that is in high demand. Generally downright rude.
    Stay away
    3 l. temu
  • Good Prices, quick response.

    Bought some of my Miku Nendoroids and Attack on Titan Levi from them. Price is pretty good compared to other stores in SG, also seems like they do not adjust pricing upward even if item is rare and selling at high prices on resale market/ebay. My email was replied quickly even though i sent them late at night. (night owl!? lol)

    Only issue i see is they do not source out of stock items but the delivery guy explained that it is because they only buy from wholesaler/distribution and not from 2nd hand or other stores to sell back to me so i guess it can't be helped.
    3 l. temu
  • Good Alternative if JP ran out of stock!

    This shop is a good alternative here in SG if stocks in JP ran out. price is also competitive. favorable for buyers in SG due to JP + Shipping is equivalent to hobby-frontier's price. (so just imagine you paid for item + shipping)
    3 l. temu
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