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  • Unfortunate experience

    My experiences have been a bit iffy. I preordered the Sonico Sunkissed Ver. of Orchid Seed less than a week ago, since it was available on 'inquiry'. I didn't hear from it for a couple of days until I just got an email that my order was canceled with no real human interaction happening, just a blank generated 'out of stock'. I do know a different store to buy it at, but I am a bit surprised by the lack of communication that happens between yorokonde and its buyers. I am sure it's fine for in stock items, but I would recommend not going with preorders or on inquiry items for this site.
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  • Good for everyone in Europe.

    It is a very good shop especially if you are living in Europe. They are a bit slow when it comes to shipping and providing items, as well as the general time between placing an order and the actual sending of the package, but VAT is already included in the price. Also DHL shipping is one of if not the best, shipping option when it comes to Europe so despite being a bit slow the items arrive in perfect condition so it is worth the extra wait.
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  • My favorite "Japan Hobby Store"

    In my opinion the best "Japan Hobby Store" in Germany. I ordered my first figure "Kurisu Makise" 2012 and now 2016 i own ten figures overall. All bought at Yorokonde and there isnt a single complain from my side. Service, shipping and packaging are excellent.
    Im located in Germany too.
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  • Great shop!

    Ordered RJ nendo for my boyfriend, the packaging was perfect and the shipping itself didn't take long to come to Finland. The prices are one of the best in EU, too.
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  • Gute Preise, gute Auswahl

    - Gute Auswahl an Figuren (Scales, Action Figuren...)
    - Teilweise ältere Figuren auf Lager, die man sonst nirgendwo mehr bekommt
    - günstigere Preise als bei den meisten anderen Shops
    - schneller Versand
    - gute Bezahloptionen

    - unfreundlicher Kundensupport (meiner Meinung nach zu patzige Antworten dem Kunden gegenüber)
    - Bestellungen werden ohne einen Grund anzugeben storniert
    - Vorbestellungen können zwar gecancelt werden, wird aber nicht gerne gesehen
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