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  • Good buy could be the best

    It is the first time I buy from them. Overall positive experience. The only flaw is the packaging that could be done better. Don't get me wrong, fast shipping and figures in perfect condition ... but given the type of packaging, something could have gone wrong. Anyway I don't see why I don't recommend amiami
    3 d. temu
  • Going down

    I have been noticed few orders I received with bend or damage box , and I found out due to their poor quality of packing system they have . I really disappointed , and I contact them once and sent them pictures of the damaged box , and I compared to other companies parcel such as Solaris , but unfortunately they didn’t take any proper action .i stoped to order from them , and For remaining orders I have I decided if they are available in the market , then I will get them form another store and stop paying for my ore order .
    9 d. temu
  • First order

    I had never ordered with AmiAmi before but they were recently taking preorders for a figure I really wanted, so I placed an order with them.

    The figure arrived swiftly and was well packed, suffering no damage at all.

    What I did not like was the compulsory use of PayPal for first-time users (which I had to do, and the additional charges took away quite an amount which could have been minimized with the simple use of my credit card).

    I appreciate that they only issue payment invoices when the preordered item is in stock.

    The customer service was swift and rapid with my questions on other figures.

    Shipping rates were a bit pricier than what I was used to on other sites.

    The website is alright, it's easy to navigate once you are used to it, but I find the multiple login requests very annoying.

    All in all, a pretty good first order. Not my number one site currently, but I am guessing I will be using AmiAmi for preorders from time to time.
    2 mies. temu
  • Great Prices, Bad Customer Service

    They have excellent products with excellent prices, but they have terrible customer service. My item came three months late and when it finally arrived, it was damaged beyond belief. I mean, my order must have been submerged completely in water at some point. They told me there was nothing they could do. They didn't even ask to see the photos I took of it. I have been a loyal customer for years, but that apparently means nothing. I understood that I took the cheapest shipping, but they basically just shrugged and told me to pay more if I wanted compensation next time. I would recommend shopping elsewhere if you want a store to stand behind their services.
    2 mies. temu
  • Great customer service!

    I recently did a haul, having accumulated a bunch of items into one big order since December. I decided to delete some things from my order because I saw that they weren't really well made (they were all figures). Now, everyone knows that AmiAmi has a strict rule in regards to order cancellations/changes and I had 15 items in total but wanted to take out 4. Talked to a rep and they changed my order for me, no sweat. They were very professional and prompt, I was so worried it would take awhile for them to fix my order since my payment deadline was coming soon. I was very happy with that and the rep was extremely helpful; had other questions regarding other orders etc and they answered me very well. Package came eventually and it was very well packed. I know AmiAmi uses paper instead of bubble wrap which is pretty awesome since I can recycle the paper easily, compared to the bubble wrap. The shipping was pretty decent too for 11 items (all figures), came up to about ~5000 JPY. Would really recommend this site! Also, the pre-owned section is filled with OOP figures at times so do check that out!
    2 mies. temu
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