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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hi, after a lot of thinking I'm selling Noelle. She's up for sale/ad and I'm asking 90 euros/retail but I give small discount if you also buy the army San garage kit :)

Army san:

ITEM #11121

For army San I was thinking of 25 euros and if you buy both 20 euros :)

But im open for offers on noelle :)
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
yunomi3 l. temu#24295424Hi there! How are you? We talked few years back. I recently revisit many Sakura GK pages that has been in my wishlist for so long and remembered you. ❤ I remember you told me you were going to paint your first GK, Noelle from Tenshi ni Narumon. I wonder how is she nowadays? Have you made it to complete her? (❤ω❤)

No atm making gks isnt my priority so wont be working on em anytime soon. As i need lots of equipment and im very clumsy >.<

Yeah ive seen lots of sakura gks on jungle but couldnt remember your username but look there :) good luck!

P.s. Im ok tho could be better
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Hey looks like you like Doraemon too! I feel like there are too few of us here (• ε •)
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Thworsh Blacksmith Legend
Sent you a PM regarding Doraemon
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
ITEM #26908

I saw this kit for 15k on surugaya (you could use a forwarding service as well as fromjapan) and no dom.shipping with surugaya after a certain amount in yen (forgot how much but i know this exceeds it) so that saves a bit :)

And another one but i cant identify it just yet for 12k www.suruga-ya.j...

And this kit with sakura&tomoyo for 25k ITEM #63951
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
yunomi5 l. temu#2644636OMG I wonder how will the kits looks like! Have you decided if you're gonna sell her or not?
I've been waiting for someone to recommend one proxy service for me to stick with, but I've seen mixed reviews. With this, I'll surely checkout FromJapan! *bookmarked the page.

Well i havent i kept her unopened for now :) i think i will keep her tho.. Even if i mess her up

Good glad i could help you :)

I just got my model kit of a honda beat car with zero no tsukaima theme. Cant wait to paint that one too
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
yunomi5 l. temu#2644624Hi Chloe! Wow that's great!! Quite cheap actually... if only I can get her with that price without the need to bid on it (laughs) I hate hunt for proxy services currently, that series is also not my priority. I'm mostly searching for Clayz's Sakura.
Thanks for informing me, that's really kind of you. So how about your Noelle? She arrived home? :)

Yup she arrived today :) didnt open her tho

Well it is not that hard just try from japan :) there is a blog qith how to use from japan guide ;): BLOG #12992
I think even with proxy costs added it is still cheap for an authentic kit.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku

Here a sakura kit and only 3000 yen on auction :) !
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
yunomi5 l. temu#2605567Oh so in total it would be 2000 Yen (including the handling fee (totally forgot about this on Manda)
I thought it's 1500 yen of handling fee wouldn't that make it 3000 Yen? Anyway, if you are willing to sell it you can just state your final price. :)
Yess... commission is gonna be a real pain the a*s. I've seen price listing for about 100 dollars. I was like "Damn, these people made a lot of funny" haha. I understand the commission, they've probably spent so much money for the painting materials. But if it's something like ITEM #26909, which happen to be my very 1st Sakura's holygrail I am willing to spend up to $250 (exclude shipping..) for a quality commission. I want exactly what I see from the original product. The painting is so delicate..
Buying materials for your own surely gonna need some investment. Who knows someday you can open your own GK commission? I am looking forward to it from you!

I will let you know ok? Once i get the final payment :) but i dunno where you are from? If shipping will be worth it.. Well if it fits in an bubble enveloppe through the mailbox then it is cheap :P but it mighte too thick (unless i open the package i guess)

Haha yeah i hope so :) i rlly want to get good st it and then start it as a hobby :D or perhaps work that depends =P currently jobless :'( i do get government money (long story) so i do get money but i rather work for it you know..

Well if youre willing to spend that then you should go to annya, look her up on google annyas workshop :) she recently made a sakura kit haha =P she can make such nice shadows in it.. But she asks 200 usd T_T plus the shipping ugh.

But yeah they probably do it as their job you know.. It all depends on the complexity it also takes up hrs you know.. I guess you kind of pay for that as well
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
yunomi5 l. temu#2605470That's fine, it's a starter for everyone afterall. I kinda have passion on figure painting though I never tried before, but if I got myself a very good Sakura GK I think I wouldn't dare to let my hands screw it. I would probably send it for a commission... Just because getting one won't come in handy. Plus the fact that they're not gonna be cheap. (that's for sure)
Oh and if she arrives at your home (Noelle) and if you feel like selling her. You are more than welcomed to search for me (LOL) I would pay 2500 yen even.

Well the 1500 yen is ex the 500 yen fee plus shipping so if i sell her it will be for the price i paid :)

Yeah well as you can tell, i love louise and i wont mess her up so i will buy cheap kits until i get better :) i could send in for commission but thats like 200 dollars plus shipping.. So buying the equipment once will cost that much but after that i will save lots of money.. Plus it feels nice working on the kit yourself putting all the love i have in one character :D

Well you could do it like me and dont mess up the sakura kit! I buy kits and save them but buy cheap kits to experiment with.

Here is a cheap kit of 540 yen, which i also bought:

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Bringing the hobby to your door.

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