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Yavimaya (눈_눈)
hi, i wanted to respond to your message but your inbox is full so I'll do it here.
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x_chan996 l. temuHi there!
Is Levi still up for grabs?

If so, how much would he be with shipping to Spian?

hi, unfortunately my Levi isn't available anymore, but my friend is also willing to give her preorder, please contact her FRICKENCHICKEN thank you!
6 l. temu
Hey ...
My Name is Benjamin, and I was searching for an AForce Item for a while. It is the "wing arm" of marco the phoenix and its out of stock everywhere. I saw this item in your Collection and I wanted to asked you where you got yours from, ore if you are able to help me getting one for myself.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Greetings from Germany
6 l. temu
What's the cost for shipping to St. Pete, FL?
6 l. temu
x_chan996 l. temu#1941846I have uploaded pictures of the box. The inner package is still sealed, so I can't actually take pictures of him.

What's the link for the pics of the box?
6 l. temu
x_chan996 l. temu#1940572I have this one: ITEM #5813
I was asking for 80USD + Shipping, but we can negotiate it a little bit.

Do you have any photos of your figure?
6 l. temu
x_chan996 l. temu#1940484I saw you asked about Lelouch. Did you find him? I have mine for sale if you're still looking.

Hi! I haven't found one yet. How much are you selling yours for? Also, which version of the figure is it that you have?
6 l. temu
if you are interested in giving mihawk gls po let me know?
7 l. temu
x_chan997 l. temu#1693246Your inbox is full, how can I contact you? I tried AP, but you haven't answered me there (it's 2D3Y). Are you still selling Sadie?

I have updated my comment on sadi's mfc profile . check it out
7 l. temu
Thank you so much for the Franky my friend! Cheers!
7 l. temu
I saw your comment on the Miku Pullip. It looks like Pullip Style might have her in stock! pullipstyle.com... Good luck! c:
7 l. temu
Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!

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