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I've been on MFC since 2012. I really enjoy writing figure reviews, and one of my goals is to eventually produce a review of every figure in my collection that doesn't have a review on MFC. I hope people enjoy reading them as much as I like writing them. If there is some figure in my collection, you'd like to see reviewed, let me know!

Current review queue:

Kotobukiya 1/6 Konomi Yuzuhara "Innocence" ITEM #39565

Max Factory 1/6 Nana Astar Deviluke ITEM #331480

Phat 1/8 Katsuragi ITEM #144273

Sega Hatsune Miku "Pansy" ITEM #581660

Kurushima 1/5 Hakufu Sonsaku ITEM #11438

Daiki 1/6 Mei Senou/Honey the Hugger ITEM #618732

Skytube 1/6 Hazumi Ohmune ITEM #464557

Plum 1/7 Tomoka Minato "Spats" ITEM #544780

Phat Futaba Sakura ITEM #524815

Native 1/7 "Shoujo M" ITEM #11740

Max Factory Sakura Kinomoto ITEM #462460

Amie-Grand 1/6 Ryuubi Gentoku ITEM #80238

Sega Rin Kagamine ITEM #440641
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Indeed. Generally, I try to complete a set of figures from a same manufacturer. 1/4 forces you to cherry pick and make more serious decisions.
6 d. temu
Multiple houses, haha! But that's why I also like seeing pictures of people collecting from for example Meiko or Kaito, as you can have almost everything showing those characters and still display it in 1 detolf. ;)

What do you think about ITEM #675855 ? Not sure if we talked about that one before. I think a lot of people agree that the design is too simple for a scaled figure, but I guess you are going to pre-order it to be sure you can get it? :) And yeah Rin (and Len!) are in the middle ground of the amount of merchandise that they get. It would be possible to keep up with it all, but you probably wouldn't have much budget left to buy much other things for your collection. ;)
2 mies. temu
Hehe, very true. It's very hard for all-out Miku fans to keep it to only favorites, as nobody has the money or space to get everything Miku. Even though a lot of the other Vocaloid characters don't have enough merchandise in my opinion, collecting the side-characters their items is a lot more do-able than Miku. :P

A lot of people find the Mikuzukin to be a bit lacking or they complain about her color scheme, but personally I like it a lot. But as with a lot of other Miku's, they are not hard to find second hand, so it's not a figure you need to rush. ;)
2 mies. temu
Oh! You actually sound less excited about that figure than I thought you would be, haha! About your backlogged ones, I always had a soft spot for ITEM #198011 , Grizzry Panda's sculpting is always so nice and I love the color contrast!
3 mies. temu
I'm pretty sure you will be pre-ordering/buying this one, right ITEM #604392 ? A lot of elements of her remind me of the Heart Hunter Miku. :)
3 mies. temu
"Hakufu's hook is her rather naive and clueless charm, and I think that shines through on the older figure." You said it much better than a could.

I don't know if I should be glad to make you waste money on her though! Hard to suppress my smile, particularly after purchasing both ITEM #99300 and ITEM #39565 on your suggestion! ;-)
3 mies. temu
BTW, I added a Dragon Half garage kit in the database ITEM #705999. Unfortunately, I no longer know how to add a character in the encyclopedia (the tutorial was written before the website was redesigned). If you know how to do so, feel free to improve the entry (her name his Mana マナ, she's Mink's mother). Best regards.
3 mies. temu
Time flies by so fast! I also saw the one on AmiAmi, it's certainly a good deal for 10 380Y. Back in the days, I ordered her from Yahoo!Japan Auctions and paid much more than that at the end of the day.

I was recently shuffling figures on my shelves and when it came to Hakufu, I let her keep her dedicated spot. Since I purchased her many years ago, she's been on my permanent display up to this day which can testify she has grown on my since then. She certainly has a lot of limitation (pale paint job typical of cold cast and wrong hair color), but that said, I still consider the sculptor did a good job representing her voluptuous body. It's definitely not that much detailed, but the proportions are right and the pose charming. So I would say I'm still critical about this particular figure after all these years, but her qualities are good enough to shine through it. Knowing we share some common interest in this kind of bikini/lingerie figures, I believe you would like her if you paid the right price. To be honest, I also own ITEM #331607 and while it is technically a far superior figure in many aspect, I still think ITEM #11438 has more genuine old fashioned charm. Her belly and the way she sits certainly grab the attention. So to answer your original question, I wouldn't mind purchasing this figure again if I had to. Since you have a soft spot for oldies like that, I believe she would find a good place in your collection if you are inclined to purchase her.
3 mies. temu
Beautiful pictures as always. Your attention to carefully photograph figures is highly appreciated. I'm more convinced than ever to track down this beauty. Interestingly enough, when the "lampshade" skirt rest on the base, it really looks better. Once again, thank you very much! It will be a pleasure to read your review!
3 mies. temu
victorviper (8 mies. temu) #28813977I was going to write a review of that figure, but I never quite got around to doing so. I got as far as setting up the review and organizing the pictures, but I never actually wrote anything. I've got a dozen reviews like that for which I keep saying "maybe someday...".
It probably doesn't help that I don't really know very much about the character. I know Kasumi is a secondary character from Muv-Luv Alternative, but that's about it.
I bought the figure because I found her cheap on Amazon a couple of years ago, and I thought she was cute. Plus, I like her body language and melancholic expression paired with the bunny costume; it kind of reminds me of this ITEM #1156 melancholic bunny Asuka :).

Ah, like that~ Well, photographing is already a lot of fun, reviewing or not! I also recently made some pictures of figures that are already heavily reviewed, so I was thinking of just making small picture-dumps blogs with them or do some writing about them without actually reviewing. Still thinking about that.

I only wrote the introduction to my Kasumi review so far, but my pictures are done editing. I think I will upload her review next week if I keep on having enough time to work on the reviews (my new job will start soon which will take away a lot of the free time I now have).

To be honest there, I also don't know much about Muv-Luv, even though I also almost bought ITEM #4433 one time. I guess I'm just really attracted to the character design. Apparently Kasumi has quite a big role in the Alternative spin-off.

I got mine when I did a huge trade with a friend a few years ago, in which we exchanged multiple scaled figures from our collection. I thought her posing and face was adorable.
8 mies. temu
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