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Hi, is Nisekoi - Onodera Kosaki - Beach Queens still available?
2 d. temu
hi, i wanted to message you regarding the yui yuigahama scale figure, was wondering if you were still active, and still selling her?
2 d. temu
Thank you for the two Gluttony figures! She is so damn cute. I took lots of photos and have uploaded the 1/8 version as of speaking now. The 1/7 Glutton will be uploaded soon after. They both look great and brand new condition, and i didn't know that the spoon and extra arm was because she (the 1/8 scale) was the limited edition version. Extra ++ rating bonus to you! It may have took almost exactly a month to get here (not your fault, corona stuff i guess) to cross over seas and all to get to me, but both her figure was damn well worth the wait. Great packaging, the box survived teh long trip to me. Although the box for the 1/8 scale was bent inward (forgot if it was because it was already like that, or it happen during transit) but it's fine. Love both figures, came great lookin brand new with all the extra items such as a book and the big cloth you gave me as added bonus for buying both, and discount of shipping for buying both too. Thank you once again, great seller, very communicative, answered all my questions especially about the questions i have about "where is my package it hasn't moved for a month" but assured me it was in transit.
28 d. temu
Hi, did you receive my message?
1 mies. temu
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
5 l. temu
Welcome to the board vege96! :)

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Bringing the hobby to your door.

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