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Hello there!

I'm a fellow fangirl and collector from Hungary!
New in the figure world but wanna buy a lot so nowadays my wallet mostly empty. *sigh*

In the SWORDBOY HELL since 13/5/2016 ^^" Most of my collection concentrated in Touken Ranbu, but I also collect Yuri!!! on Ice, Free! and other stuffs. I prefer male figures but slowly into the girls too! Live in the chibi world and prefer Nendoroids and Parfom, but I wanna collect some nice scale in the future.

In the main time I'm an artist and like to create so figure collecting also a creative hobby for me. New in this toyphotography-thingy but hope that you will like my upcoming arts! >w<


First figure ever: Petit Chara Land Natsume Yuujinchou Four Seasons - Autumn ver. (June 2016)
First Touken Ranbu figure: Touken Ranbu - Online - Sayo Samonji - Suwarase Team - Touken Ranbu Online (Spring 2017)
First nendo: Yune - Nendoroid #192 (Spring 2017)
First Touken Ranbu nendo: Hotarumaru - Nendoroid #608 (Spring 2017)
First full-body figure: Touken Ranbu - Online - Honebami Toushirou (October 2017)
First scale ever: High☆Speed! -Free! Starting Days - Nanase Haruka - Tachibana Makoto - ALTAiR - 1/7 (Alter, Hobby Stock) (December 2017)
LOTR, HP, Narnia, Gabriel García Márquez... just a few of what I read in my life
Touken Ranbu, Don't Starve, Stardew Valley, Lego adventure games and retro pc games
Punkty MOE
samurai, long hair, sword, Shinsengumi, bishounen

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