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I collect Kaworu and related with him products (Eva Mark.06, Mass Production Eva, Tabris).



Thank you for accepting my friend request! Really admire your Kaworu collection. ( ˊᵕˋ )
2 l. temu
hey, please check your PMs! i DO want to buy that kaworu kit!
2 l. temu
You have sooo many Kaworus o_o I am very impressed. Also makes me ashamed that I don't have any Kaworus or Shinjis yet.
3 l. temu
Leosach Born this way
My Dear!!! Miss you

Just passing by to wish you a fantastic New year!!! :**

May the old year take away all the sorrows and miseries as it goes by and fill up your upcoming days with sunshine and happiness now and always.

4 l. temu
Hi! Thanks for accept :) Btw your Kaworu collection is HUGE! :)
5 l. temu
takenyaka5 l. temu#2919279hello, I want to PM you, but your inbox is full ^^

My apologies! I've cleared some space out. =)
5 l. temu
takenyaka5 l. temu#2901332hello, Moro, are you still looking for this Lilith? ITEM #72397
Yes! O:
5 l. temu
Since you also like MP-EVAs, I think you will like the model kit I made :> BLOG #20811
5 l. temu
Kawoshin More male figures, plz!
Hi there!

I'm not sure if you got my PM so I figured I just leave you a note here. ^_^ I got the figure safe & sound! Thank you for all the awesome extras, too! I love them! :)

Also...That adorable drawing you did - I'm totally cutting it out and saving it. It's so great!

If you don't mind my asking, how did you go about priming the figure to paint it? I noticed that the skin parts already have tone to them, so is it ok to just go ahead and paint? Thanks so much in advance! :)
5 l. temu
Hello! I was wondering if you were still going to sell this Kaworu-GK? If so, I wanted to know how much the price would be and if you would sell painted versions?

Thank you for your time!
5 l. temu
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