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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
Minna! <3
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Hello! I'm patriotic, but I also love experiencing other cultures, and meeting people from all over the world. I've been involved with baseball since I was four years old, and I hope to continue to be for the rest of my life. Baseball and other things have taken me to many places, and I am grateful for that. It has been fantastic seeing what other nations have to offer, and getting to know people from different places. I am excited to see where my life takes me in the upcoming years.

I like most sports, including baseball (obviously), hockey, golf, auto racing, volleyball, etc. I love playing golf and volleyball, but I'm not very good at either of them.

I have a few hobbies other than figure collecting; I collect militaria, and I collect and shoot historic military firearms; I'm also a huge fan of military history. Other hobbies include bass guitar, light novels and manga, and a few other things. I love to cook, and I also enjoy making cocktails and such for myself and guests. Coffee and tea are also passions of mine.

I enjoy good company, and making lasting friendships. Don't be afraid to contact me, for any reason! :)



Thank you!) It was nice!)))
4 d. temu
Thank you! It is a very strange time to have a birthday in, but I tried to make it special! :D
3 mies. temu
I saw her and she reminded me of you
7 mies. temu
spasepeepole0268 mies. temu#74483078Another birthday already :) I hope it's a good one!
Thank you!
8 mies. temu
8 years ago! Yeah, now I am feeling old. :-D
10 mies. temu
Mostly school of my little boy. :-D Sometimes it blows my mind completely. :))))
11 mies. temu
Thank you very-very much! It is actually today)))
1 r. temu
Happy Birthday!
1 r. temu
Hope you have a great birthday!
1 r. temu
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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Defense Contractor/Military
Strona domowa
Programy TV
Strike Witches, Violet Evergarden, Gunslinger Girl, Darling in the FRANXX, Kantai Collection, High School Fleet, Frame Arms Girl, Harukana Receive, Taisho Baseball Girls, etc.
Book Girl, Kieli & Strawberry Panic
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Online Mahjong
Punkty MOE
Bows/ribbons, tsundere, small chest, quiet and sweet.
U2, most other classic rock, some hard rock, etc.
Phone & Nikon something or other
Old laptop

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