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https://orig04.deviantart.net/f2fa/f/2017/060/9/b/c__neferpitou_by_undead_alien-db05erp.gif https://pre03.deviantart.net/f062/th/pre/i/2017/232/c/6/p0p0_by_seikc-dbkpy6f.png https://pre13.deviantart.net/5f9a/th/pre/f/2017/220/f/1/_co____neferpitou_by_skoryx-dbjbek4.png

hi! welcome to my page ^^

i've been collecting anime merch on and off pretty much my entire life. the figurine i've had with me the longest is ITEM #34217 which i've had since i was 8! not everything i own is listed on here, or some of it is still in storage and i forget to add it on here :v

my two favorite characters of all time are neferpitou and sailor jupiter/kino makoto, so i love to own lots of merch of them!
some of my other biggest faves include: rouge the bat, felicia, noriaki kakyoin, kurama, mitsuri kanroji, jolyne kujo! (you can also check my favorites list to see more) :3c

i mostly collect sailor moon and neferpitou merchandise(most of that is commissioned and handmade stuff lol) but i love owning merch from any of my other favorite characters and animes too ^^

my most favorite animals are cats and toucans!

im a huge music lover as well, some of my favorites include: kraftwerk, the cure, peter gabriel, system of a down, gorillaz, kate bush, the smiths, hall and oates, the police, daft punk, prince, talking heads, death grips, etc. way too many to list haha

i also like to draw, and ive even cosplayed a few times! here's all the characters i've cosplayed, in order from most recent to oldest:
kanroji mitsuri
mami tomoe
azumanga daioh winter uniform

feel free to pm and talk to me whenever!



Hi hi sorry to bother you but i was wondering if you could draft these items for me to update the new information. Thanks a lot.
7 mies. temu
happy birthday!!
7 mies. temu
Hi there!

I saw that you had kotobukiya Sakaki figure on your wishlist (ITEM #20328). I'm currently selling mine for 140! PM me if you are interested!
1 r. temu
Happy birthday :)
2 l. temu
oh my gosh thank u so sooo much!!!! ♪(๑>◡<๑)♪ i love your pitou collection!! i hope someday i can collect that much of my favs!!!
4 l. temu

hello! same here! it makes me happy to see people who appreciate pitou as much as i do! ♡ i really admire your collection!
4 l. temu
Thank you for the friend request~
4 l. temu
Jupiter + Pitou, 10/10 good taste.
4 l. temu
ladybug nyaruhodo~ ♡
happy birthday!!!!!! ^w^
4 l. temu
Happy Birthday!
4 l. temu
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