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if you're here because my inbox / PM is full, please send an email to rionsz★yahoo.com [★ → @]


kuroko bgt nih sist
4 l. temu
victheduck5 l. temu#2808458Hey, just wanted to tell you that I sent you the second invoice for this split to your e-mail address since your inbox is full.

I'm sorry for the full inbox, but I've sent you the payment and a reply e-mail! :> Thank you!
5 l. temu
Hey, just wanted to tell you that I sent you the second invoice for this split to your e-mail address since your inbox is full.
5 l. temu
sekigan7 l. temu#1720191If it helps, I missed all the initial preorder of my KuroBas purchase at HLJ except for the pinched mascot set. :D;; So yeah, I mostly got them from when the order reopens!
I think you'll be able to get them! OvO

ok, thanks ; u ; I hope I'll still get a chance to order a couple boxes - stalking continues!
7 l. temu
sekigan7 l. temu#1720158
I already have the new set listed at figinstock.. but as it sold out so fast I'm worried if the orders open again (unless someone cancels theirs). ugh, how could I miss them I'm so pissed >___<"

I wanna cry TT ^ TT
7 l. temu
Hi there!
I was wondering where did you manage to order these ENCYCLOPEDIA #54082 ?
7 l. temu
Hello! I sent you an email regarding the Dengeki Heroine Blitz figures, but I haven't gotten any response so far... If you see this comment, could you reply my email or drop me a PM? :) Either way is fine yup!
7 l. temu
Hello! i wanted to send you a reply but your inbox is full >.<;;
this is what i wanted to send:
Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoileraHello! it seems that you've sent the payment as goods so paypal actually charged me with some fees >.<;; i'll refund you the payment and can you send it again as a gift? :O if you prefer sending it as goods, it will be $6.10 SGD instead.

and i'll reply with the tracking number tonight since i don't have the receipt with me now :>
7 l. temu
Inbox cleared! :) sorry about that! >.<;;

sekigan7 l. temu#1369241Hi hi! Was going to reply your PM, but your inbox is full. ;v;/
7 l. temu

Hello~ Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a great year ahead in 2013! :)
7 l. temu
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