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Hello ! It's mekyu !
I'm new to the hobby of collecting so please be kind to me :D
I will most likely purchase anime goods instead of figures because I'll only buy figures of the animes I like. I think I'm turning addicted to plushes (building my army...)
Don't hesitate to talk to me (in french or english, doesn't matter)!

Let's be friends !

My other hobbies are drawing, playing video games (RPG like Fire Emblem, FF or Persona ^^) or reading mangas.


I'm also a fujoshi ! My favorite yaoi mangaka are Hidaka Shoko, Hinako Takanaga, SHOOWA, Chise Ogawa, Yuki Shimizu and Ayano Yamane (I got her signature <3) and Ogura Muku !
I love reading doujinshi too !

Art by :
Hidaka Shoko Hana Wa Saku Ka
Yuki Shimizu Ze
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Evangelion 3.33


mekyu5 l. temu#2559880Oh thank you so much ! (Aoba is so cute, you chose a wonderful picture xD)
I hope you had a great Xmas too ^_^)/
Did you manage to use BiJ forwarding service for your order ? :D

Hehe Aoba looks great no matter what XD
And nope, not yet! I've actually spent too much money as of late, so I need to save up first lol
5 l. temu


Hope you had an awesome one <3
5 l. temu
mekyu5 l. temu#2499867Hello ! I cannot really help you on this matter as I've never used Big in Japan as a proxy before (but I have plans in the future, when I get the money and the time to organize an order from Suru). You can gather some information on this thread dedicated to Big in Japan club/72/discuss... (I've seen a lot of people asking questions on this thread regarding the forwarding or the proxy service)
I'm sorry I cannot help you better (>.<)~
EDIT : There is one problem I've noticed with BiJ service : the shipping cost ! Suru tends to send everything in gigantic boxes that exceed the dimension limit for Sal Small Packet but sometimes they don't. You can pay BiJ to repackage it (500 yen fee) but it may not be the best choice ! @_@ I think there is some interesting feedbacks on the BiJ thread about repackaging, combining etc. Also, looking at some blogs about BiJ may help you too

Ohh okay and thanks for the forum link!!

But oh no, I didn't know that's what they did with suru's boxes :O And yeah I heard some horror stories on how they repackage.. Darn, that certainly is a problem! But yes thanks for your help, really appreciate it <3
5 l. temu
mekyu5 l. temu#2491577I'll send you the PM with all the information needed then (It's quite strange that you got problems with your inbox ! I hope it gets solved quickly).
For the payment, well, I can obviously wait. You can choose the option that suits you better, two separate payments or one full payment I don't really mind ! Just remember to put you username when you are on Paypal so I can know that it's you. ^_^
I promise I'll have at the very least half the amount on December 12th. I'll try to have the entire amount, but I need to finish my Christmas shopping :(
5 l. temu
mekyu5 l. temu#2491290Well, if the payment is split in half, I'll send the plush only after the two payments are made (It is not that I don't trust you but I have no guarantee that the second payment will be made).
ATM, there is no other buyer interested in buying Ren so I'm okay with waiting. Take your time to gather the money needed no worry !
Sorry to post this on your comments section but I didn't want to spam the item page with unnecessary information
Oh no that is totally fine and I didn't expect you to ship until you received full payment, so that's not an issue :)

I had to delete all my PM's because I was trying to see if that would allow me to send messages again, but it doesn't look like that appeared to be the fact. Do you still have the information in your outbox of what I owe with the shipping included in the price?

I'm honestly very sorry about all this.

Edit: if you're alright with waiting for the one full payment I will try my best to set aside money from my next two paychecks to get the full amount :)
5 l. temu
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
mekyu5 l. temu#2486046Sorry for the late ! I couldn't check by myself if I had received the plush (because I'm not home for two whole months) but I was told that there were some packages and one big envelope waiting for me so I guess the plush finally arrived ! (I hope so...) if I have any problem, I'll be sure to let you know. Thank you for hosting this GO btw ! And sorry again >_<
Oh! Don't worry about it! Since I was actually checking the tracking list I have here since I have to clean up if everyone got it or not. So I was just double checking about it. It's kinda a habit of mine already after hosting so many splits/GO, LOL. XDD

Okay, let me know if you have any problems or when you got it already. I don't mind waiting. And good luck to whatever you're doing as well! ^^
5 l. temu
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
Hi~ I wanted to double in regards with your Shuu plushie if it arrived to you already?
Since base on the tracking I gave you, it's already in France last November 7. ^^,
Let me know if you're having problems with it. :D
5 l. temu
mekyu5 l. temu#2436243Thank you for the FR request ! It's nice to find other Gift plush addict ! (^___^)/

You're welcome! :3
5 l. temu
mekyu6 l. temu#2370170Your inbox is full so I'm replying to your PM here (I'll edit the message later if needed) :
sorry for the misunderstanding ! Of course, I'm not sending it until I've received the full payment on my PayPal account. What I wanted to say is that to be as quick as possible, I wanted to prepare the plush and the envelop now and then wait for your payment (sorry for my English btw, I hope you understand what I wanted to say better)

Yeah sorry about that. Thanks for clearing it up. Your English is fine, it was just late at night and I was tired LOL. Yeah that'll be fine, I can pay you for sure on friday next week (pay day) I'll also clear my inbox so we can continue chatting there <3
6 l. temu
mekyu6 l. temu#2332134Happy birthday !! I hope you have a nice day (≧∇≦)
Thank you ヾ(^∇^)
6 l. temu
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