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Kuroko no Basket, Free!, Durarara!!, Haikyuu!!

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DeadlyAnime Web Designer
Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoileraYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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I wish you and your family a wonderful New Year filled with cheer, love, joy, happiness, and many blessings~! :)

3 l. temu
Hi~! I haven't heard from you in a long while >w< How have you been? :D I hope you're enjoying the holidays~! ^w^
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3 l. temu
If you're interested, I'm selling a brand new set of the Makoto and Haru altair figures together for 250USD, free shipping! :)
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lyndseyryder12 (3 l. temu) #2497864Ah, thank you. But don't sell your collection short--the SnK nendoroids are so adorable!
To be honest, I haven't watched Steins;Gate either, but her figma is so cool I couldn't resist >w< I'm a sucker for that type of character design.
I will definitely have to listen to those! I'm always looking for new music c: My favorite vocaloid song right now is "Waiting for a Chance to Pounce"
Sameeee! Thank you for friending me~

Yeah that figma design is really cool :D
I really like finding new music too, and I'll definitely listen to "Waiting for a Chance to Pounce" :3
Do you have any other hobbies? :)
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lyndseyryder12 (3 l. temu) #2497832I'd rather watch the anime as opposed to reading the manga as well. I'm better watching the action play out rather than seeing stills of it in manga.
Same! I'll be jealous if you do get them, lol! They'll be nice additions to your collection. I finally decided to ask for ITEM #132926 and ITEM #42054 (whoops) >.<
Yeah, I've liked all the ones I've listened to. I like the "dance" type ones and the creepier songs.
Of course! :D

Hehe there's nothing to be jealous about, you've got an even better figure collection than me! xD Look at all your Kuroko no Basket figures~

Ooh those figure look awesome :D I still haven't watched Uta na Prince-sama or Steins;Gate yet xD

I like the dance type songs too, some of my favorites are:
Odds and Ends
It's a Wonderful Cat Life (by Len and Gumi)
Viva Happy
Cat Food
All songs from Twinkle World Album
If you haven't heard those songs yet, I really recommend you listen to them~! :D

I'm happy to be friends~! ^w^
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lyndseyryder12 (3 l. temu) #2495375It's alright! I completely understand! Little nieces are so precious <3
Ah, I heard about that from my cousin! She said she read the end of the manga, and the epilogue confused her (though I'm fairly certain she skipped maybe a hundred chapters, aha).
Ooh, those are nice! I especially like the second one~
I have listened to some Vocaloid, but not a lot. I listen to a lot of Vocaloid covers on NND, though. Dasoku is my favorite right now.

Oh haha xD Yeah I don't really read the manga because I'd rather watch the anime~ :3 But maybe someday I'll read the Naruto manga too~

Thank you~! Hopefully I'll be able to get them both~ Can't for Christmas! >w<

I usually listen to Vocaloid on YouTube, there are some really great songs out there! :3

Is it okay with you if I send you an FR (friend request)? ^w^
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lyndseyryder12 (3 l. temu) #2477823I was surprised to see people assuming the other team would win the Winter Cup; I thought the outcome was extremely obvious all things considered, aha.
Ah, I hate the waiting game! It must be that much worse knowing you have it yet not being able to open it. At least you know it's going to be a good Christmas! IA seems like a very good figure to start with; I've seen preorders for the re-release floating around and have been thinking of buying her, but I'm kinda broke right now after early Christmas shopping, so that's out of the question at the moment.
Naruto and Soul Eater were the first two anime I watched, though Shippuden got so confusing I had to take a break, whoops. I read some of the Bleach manga, but dropped it for some reason. I'll have to check out the anime sometime; I really liked the manga.
Well, I don't know too much about any new releases outside of figures made for anime I've seen, so I don't have too many releases on my list. I've got the rest of the KuroBasu MegaHouse releases on my list, of course, and might spring for Alter's Free! and a couple UtaPri figures as well. Again, I've been thinking about IA, and the "Mayonaka Arena" Misturu Kirijo figure from the Persona games (if I can still get my hands on her). After that, I think I'll probably be set for a while, aha. I might look for more nendroids though; the one I have is too cute >w<

I'm so sorry for the late reply! I was really busy these past days, helping out with my little niece (she's 2 months old <3)

Nice, and Sailor Moon was my first anime. My two older brothers were the ones who told me to watch Sailor Moon, and since then I've been watching lots of anime xD I'm like 17 episodes behind in Naruto, but I heard it's going to end ;_; So sad, I've watched Naruto for 5 years

Oh I see :) And I'm hoping on getting these two figures for Christmas: ITEM #236245 and ITEM #198541

Do you listen to vocaloid? :)
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