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I've enjoyed figure collecting for about three years now and although my collection may be small I really enjoy figures and the people that i've met in the figure collecting community. I have an art account on instagram at @guroyuri and an idol-related account at @shikinose! My main interests revolve around idolmaster cinderella girls and has kinda taken over my life. I'm a ShikiP and my other two favorites include Yuuki otokura and Frederica Miyamoto. My favorite units are LiPPS, Lazy Lazy, Roseraie, sexy gyarus, Yuuwaku Evil, Sexy Guilty, Ankira, Familia Twin and Shugashuga☆Min~ Thanks for stopping by!!~

https://jpeghost.net/x-vfcaaa.jpg https://jpeghost.net/x-yfcaaa.jpg https://jpeghost.net/x-xfcaaa.jpg



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lolihunter3 l. temu#21731585happy (late) birthday!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Sorry for the late reply, I took a hiatus.
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lolihunter3 l. temu#26015544Happy birthday!!

Thank you (^v^)
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Myondaze3 l. temu#24294327Happy birthday!
Ah! Thank you!!
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Happy birthday!
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lolihunter3 l. temu#19525435happy belated birthday!! Thank you so much!!
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Stalking Loli hunter
lolihunter3 l. temu#17705883I'm a little late but, happy birthday!! I hope you had a great day!

It's not even January 23rd in Argentina, so you're still early haha

Thank you!!
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lolihunter4 l. temu#10852568Happy birthday!!!
May the loli's be with you

Thank you for the birthday wish. Sorry for the delay in thanking you. Had some drama(even on my birthday) changing jobs and was sick (was in the hospital)
How you been?
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lolihunter4 l. temu#9946215welcome!! as a fellow karamatsu girl I was impressed with your collection ^^

Haha thank you! it is quite the obsession collection now! ^^
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yurii4 l. temu#9608444Thanks for the FR ^^
welcome!! as a fellow karamatsu girl I was impressed with your collection ^^
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