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Welcome to my profile! I spend most of my time adding to the database and participating in the Group Orders club. Any media I have listed as owned is for the Japanese release.
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You can check out my figure photography and collecting related pictures on my Instagram: www.instagram.c... (@lifewithfigures)
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I just did a double take when I saw your name all green and special in the GO club lol. I was hoping you’d get it at some point because you totally deserve it, so yay!

And omg I’m exactly the same right down to the panicking, so no apologies necessary haha. I‘m sorry to hear about your 2019 though, I hope you’re doing better now!
2 mies. temu
Whoa you’re a VIB now! :o Congrats!!
2 mies. temu
Hello! Fellow Florida collector!
3 mies. temu
I think you skipped the Giyuu one for the mini poster or am i blind ><

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3 mies. temu
Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a good one. :)
7 mies. temu
Happy Birthday girl! ^^
7 mies. temu
I’m finally finished with school forever yaaay! That last semester was so bad, I don’t know how some people manage taking more classes with a full time job. x_x Ooh I’ve heard good things about RE2! What do you think of it? RE games are so hit or miss for me but the ones I love, I REALLY love so I’m tempted to get it. Even though my backlog is still huge hahaha... ;-;

Haha shouldn’t you guys be sensitive to cold?? I feel like I’m especially sensitive to cold though, but on the bright side I get to collect cute blankets lol. Oh have you seen the imagineering documentary on Disney+? I actually fell way behind on it, I’ve mostly been using Disney+ to rewatch old shows haha. Those POV videos are so cool! Some people just don’t get it. XD You tried.

Ouch, that’s rough! I’m sorry about your dog. :( The biggest pet I’ve had were turtles so I can’t imagine. :( I also passed out in public before but I was fine immediately after, I was just really embarrassed. Must’ve been worse being sick and everything, I just get low blood pressure sometimes. >< About Star-Lord, I loved Chris Pratt in Parks and Rec and Star-Lord is like a cooler superhero version of his character there, I was bound to love him lol. Do you have a favorite superhero?

Happy holidays!! I love this time of year!! ^o^ The only good thing about winter. Also I way prefer snow to rain. We’ve gotten some snow but way more rain. T_T
9 mies. temu
Thank you!! It's actually tomorrow but MFC is weird LOL
9 mies. temu
Thanks! ^^ Just can't wait to finish with my classes haha. I feel you, it's hard to keep up with k-pop sometimes. The metal bands I follow release new music every like couple of years at the least, so the comebacks every few weeks can be overwhelming lol. Speaking of falling behind on things, I really have to get back to Fire Emblem Three Houses. I love FE but then I somehow take forever to finish the games... ._.' Still have lots of Yakuza and otome games in my backlog too lol.

Ooh that sounds so difficult. Umm at least you don't have to shovel snow? ^^' But another thing I noticed while I was there was that it was always so cool indoors, like the restaurants and stuff. Even the family we visited kept their house air conditioned constantly, we were freezing lol. You would think we'd be able to handle the cold better. Tbh whenever I see another Wario fan I'm torn between complimenting their taste and proving to them that I love Wario more lol. It's a problem.

Ooh that's so cool that you watch Defunctland too! It's such a well-done series, it deserves more recognition. At least you have those magical memories of the ride to remember it by! :) There are people who are unfortunate enough to never have experienced it and so we must rely on the accounts of others haha. Wait, you don't like Guardians of the Galaxy?? I feel like I have to hear this story but at the same time I'm scared to lol. And HOLD ON. You went on field trips to Animal Kingdom?? While we had trips to the UN and Museum of Natural History and zoos? Where is the justice?! XD That's seriously awesome though. Makes me wish I grew up in Florida haha.
10 mies. temu
Sorry this is so late, I happened to get sick right when I started a new job hahaha... Feeling better now though. ^^' Off-topic but have you listened to Day6's new song? I'm kind of obsessed with it atm.

Oof that's awful. The only thing that bothered me about Florida was this super heavy rain that came really suddenly lol. We can get pretty bad rain/snowstorms here but I swear it was dry one minute and then pouring the next. Yess Wario pillow! That sounds exactly like me. But I guess we wouldn't get along because we'd be fighting over Wario lol.

Noted! Ooh I see you like the spooky rides haha, the Haunted Mansion was so cute! I went into the rides mostly blind (biggest exposure to some of them being from this Disney kart racing game I played a lot as a kid lol) so I wasn't sure what to expect but I loved that it had the song and everything. Omg I watched this whole video thing on the Jaws ride (Defunctland), I'm soo jealous that you actually got to experience it haha. I even read a Reddit AMA from one of the skippers I think? Rides dying for other rides is so sad. :( I heard the Guardians ride replaced Tower of Terror in California and as a Guardians fan, I'd be super pissed if that happened in Florida. Maybe typical but my favorite rides were Splash Mountain and Space Mountain! I love coasters and Space Mountain was hands-down the best coaster I've been on. Splash Mountain was probably my favorite ride overall though. I'm most looking forward to going on Tower of Terror, Expedition Everest, the Slinky coaster, and the Rock n Roller Coaster in the future! Also the Tron coaster when that opens up, definitely.
11 mies. temu

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