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Hello, I'm Leah! I'm 20 years old and currently in college studying Criminal Justice. I've been an anime fan for a while now, but I'm pretty new to collecting figures and all that. Other than watching anime, I enjoy playing video games and reading. I'm really into DRAMAtical Murder, and various other otome/visual novel games. I'd love to talk about any animes/mangas we might have in common, and I'm always open to suggestions to what I should watch/read next.



leahcatherine3 l. temu#16458807I'm thinking 3 weeks - starting in Tokyo the first week, second week going to Kyoto, Osaka, then Hiroshima. Then come back to Tokyo for the last week, visit anywhere in/out of Tokyo I might have missed. I was thinking I'd get it as well, but I noticed there's different types for certain regions, or there's one that covers the whole country. Do you have a recommendation in that regard?
I don't remember if there was region. I got it in 2015 and I used it everywhere through Tokyo to Kyoto to Osaka and back to Tokyo. I used it a lot around Tokyo, they have like a city loop for the use of the JR Pass. You'll learn the train lines and get use to it so the next time you'll probably won't need the JR Pass anymore. That's what I'll be doing when I go again staying in Tokyo only. JR Pass very beneficial especially when travelling city to city.
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leahcatherine3 l. temu#16435855Thank you so much! Everything is great, currently planning my first trip to Japan and I can't wait. Hope everything is going good for you as well!
Oh cool! How long you going for? What places are you visiting? Recommend picking up JR Pass if ya going 2 weeks or more and intend to use bullet trains.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAH!! Hope all is good for you!!
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Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
Just wanted to let you know I marked your Crunchyroll blog as private since we no longer allow shop questions in the blog section. You are more than welcome to post it in the Crunchyroll thread here: club/72/discuss... Thanks.
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Have you been overseas anywhere before?
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leahcatherine5 l. temu#3147361That sounds so awesome, are you going to write any blog stuff about your trip on here? You should! I wish, I don't live near a beach. I live kinda northeast, in southern Indiana. :P This week has been crappy, tons of rain. But summer's here are usually pretty hot and super humid. I prefer cold, so I wish it was snowing here, haha. We get tooons of snow during the winter, I think the most we got last was about 2 feet? I'm majoring in Criminal Justice, but I don't know what I'll do job wise with that. I'd like to be an autopsy tech, which is what my dad does. What are you majoring in? I do like math, though I'm not always that great at it. It helps that my mom's a math major though, I think some of her smarts rubbed off on me a little. :)

A blog? I don't know. I wouldn't know what to write. Gloomy rain is only good for snoozing in. :D
I think Japan is raining in Summer too. I'll probably be experiencing the same weather as yours. XP
We don't actually get snow here so I don't know. What do you like about snow?
Autopsy Tech, like finding out the cause of death? That's awesome! Does he work with the police or hospitals? I think I had a friend that was doing Criminal Justice as well. Criminal Justice sounds interesting.So you could be like something on the pathway of FBI or CIA or a judge?
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leahcatherine5 l. temu#3147199Jeez, wish I could be going next week instead of having to wait a couple years. XD Where are you staying there, and for how long? I totally forgot about Wonderfest, need to make sure I catch that and see what announcements they make haha. College is going pretty good, it's summer break for me right now, but I'm taking a summer class (my last math class I have to take ^o^). I already took two others, so this is getting me a little bit ahead. I'm really excited about my fall schedule though, as I'll be starting to take Japanese. I have about 3 left, but with how ahead I am by taking tons of classes, it could be a little earlier. :P Haha, I know the slacking feeling, I slacked so bad my last year of high school, I was ready to be done.

Gonna be staying at Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Maybe drop by Hiroshima for a day. It'll be 2-week trip.
Sweet summer break. Enjoying the warm sun and beach? I love the beach. It's freezing over here. Coldest it's ever been for Melbourne. I think it's even possible that it might start to snow soon. LOL!
That's good staying ahead of things. Keep it up. :D Oh I forgot to ask, what are you majoring? Do you like maths? I did a little bit of Japanese during high school, just for fun though. Haha most likely forgotten everything by now.
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leahcatherine5 l. temu#3146794More like five revealed now, I think. Better I don't know, so I'm not tempted to buy. XP Won't it be available through websites like amiami, etc? Waaah, you're going to Japan? When? I'm planning on going after I finish college, or maybe possibly through a study abroad program in the next year and a half (I wish.) Still, you're so lucky. :(

Tickets was on sale at the start of the year 2 for 1 deal and a group of friends wanted to go so yeah. I'll be going next week LOL! XD
Plan on catching the Wonderfest there on the 26th. How is college for you by the way? Getting by okay I hope? :) How long you got left? 1.5 year? I meant to be done in next 6 months but been slacking. XP
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leahcatherine5 l. temu#3146734I can't remember what it's called, but the Miku where she had the big leaf, that one's really cute too. I've seen her for sale for s pretty good price, but I need to save up for my preorders. >.< I try not to fan girl too much, but on the inside I'm really excited for my Touken Ranbu figures. Especially the white haired one that looks like Inuyasha, haha. (Honestly, don't know the character names, just liked their look enough to order them. Oops. XD) Do you have anything preordered for the fall?

I've seen those Nendoroids, they look pretty cool. Think they reveal three or so already right? Haha yeh the white haired one looks like Inuyasha. I'm hoping for preorder for Iron Man on GSC but it doesn't look like it can be ordered there. :(
Also waiting for preorder to open up for my final Kuroko figure but if I'm lucky enough it'll release when I'm already in Japan. *fingers crossed*
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leahcatherine5 l. temu#3146636I got her from someone on here, I want to say I paid around $60, but I can't remember. XP Ahhh, she's cute, I'm not sure how I feel about the new Snow Miku though. I do like the new Sakura Miku, especially with her braided tails. :3 Now I want to get the other Vocaloid nendoroids, except for the pink haired one, don't really care for her.

Yeh I'm not a fan of the 2015 Snow Miku either. Oh the Sakura Miku! Another recent exclusive. Reminds me of cotton candy. XD
I pay around that price for Nendoroids too; $60-65 AUD. Currency is weak over here. :(
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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