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i want some greaseberries


Ну тут стоит заметить ещё то, что я очень хотела рейсинг Мику и из всех комплиток эта больше всего понравилась. Думала о покупке других, но как-то перехотелось. Вполне довольна своей. (:
Надеюсь и тебе она полюбится, если приобретешь.
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kukovyaka (5 l. temu) #1476535Привет, подумываю купить Рейсинг Мику, можешь описать свои впечатления от нее, сравнивая ее со Стокинг?
Привет (:
Все свои фигурки я покупаю тщательно обдумав и влюбившись, так что сравнить сложно. Мне нравится Мику, но у неё есть свои минусы. Не очень нравится база, да и её зонтик все время норовит упасть.
Мне очень нравится её личико и как ей сделали волосы.
Могу сфотографировать их рядом, если это сможет помочь (:
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kukovyaka (5 l. temu) #1477701Thank you for your comment. I am accustomed to things getting out of place with my figures, so if this is the only thing I have to worry with Miku, I think I'd get her. It was her suit that cought my attention so that I overlooked her hair which is indeed gorgeous. Amazing quailty of Lily got me worried about my future figures (and I was always a bit disappointed by Stocking quality, even though it's my favorite figure), but I think her hair will overshadow any of my worries if they turn out to be true.

You are welcome. :) Her hair seems pretty sturdy although it may need adjusting from time to time since the weight makes them shift where they have been slotted in. She's a really beautifully made figure.
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kukovyaka (5 l. temu) #1476508Hi, I consider buying Racing Miku 11, can you tell me your impressions of her compared to Stocking and Saber Lily?

Hey there. Although I really like Racing Miku, out of all of these I would actually like my Saber Lily the most.

Racing Miku has amazing hair, but it does seem a bit fragile and the umbrella keeps falling from her hand. Her ponytails were also hard to get in properly, I was worried about continuing to adjust them in case they broke.

Saber Lily looks wonderful and is really sturdy. The only problem is she has a really large base and it's basically a mirror, so dust shows up really easily on it. Of course, that would be kind of the same with a black base.

The Stocking is lovely, sculpted well, looks like the paint job of most is pretty consistent from pictures. Her hair doesn't seem as well sculpted as Racing Miku or Saber Lily though, although definitely is the best out of the Panty and Stocking figs.

Hope that helps at all. ^^
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Welcome to MFC! :D If you run into any questions I can try and help! Enjoy your stay ^^
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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayo !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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