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kevinlowl (1 r. temu) #12182130hi there, happy birthday!
yesterday... but it's the thought that counts eh?

Actually it's not late for me. As I'm responding it's my birthday but everyone else's birthday wishes came in on the 28th. Thanks man!
1 r. temu
kevinlowl (1 r. temu) #10899528Hey, how was KanColle Spring 2016 event for you? Did you get Iowa? Why am I asking this, of course you did, you're a veteran admiral. :D

I had a very bad month for playing kancolle, so I wasn't able to get Iowa unfortunately. I was able to clear up to E-6 though. I was on E-7 trying to clear when the servers went down >_< The sad thing is I really had the resources to complete it, I just really didn't have the time. I ended with 140k fuel and ammo and 150k steel and like 45k bauxite. I will be donating those to the "get myself Bismarck fund" after I finish taking a break. That last event was pretty hard on me. I hope you were able to get what you wanted from the event though!
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kevinlowl (2 l. temu) #7040579Hello fellow KanColle newbie! :)
Hello friend! Let's delve into the world of cute battle ship girls together! (´∀`*)
My name's Mouse! It's a pleasure to meet you. (^-^*)ノ
2 l. temu
kevinlowl (2 l. temu) #3172541I got a knockoff one from this ITEM #174214 lol. Though, I could use a real HK416. What is this line which you speak of, can I have a look? And thanks so much for asking!
No problem. I love helping out fellow gun nuts :D

The line in question, after some looking around, is called "U.S. Marines" by the Excite company. Their toys are, for a lack of better words, not really good. However, because they provide a lot of over-sized weapons, they fit well with Figmas strangely enough.

So here is the M27 IAR (I couldn't find a good online picture, so here's mine)
Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/ZoidsFanatic1436942690.jpeg
Now, seeing as this company isn't a "high-end" company the end result isn't as fancy as other lines. I won't line, up close it looks rather terrible. The details are all there, though, but problematically the model in question is "mirrored", so one side looks like the other. Therefore you see two bolt-catch, two firing switches, etc.

Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/ZoidsFanatic1436942692.jpeg

This being said, the scale is still rather appropriate for Figmas and the like. Might be a tad small, but still looks good and fits without any problems so long as the figure has a "trigger" hand. The foregrip also doesn't get in the way (and that's good because it's not removable).

All and all, it's not a bad weapon but not on par with Little Armory by far. But I got mine for about six bucks, so what do you expect? I should also mention that TRU likes to carry rather "generic" military brands around, and some times their weapons are surprisingly good. For example,

Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttp://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k83/frankaidenryan/KGrHqJHJCgE9MFGW2FBPYD7TvzU60_57.jpg

Not sure about you, but that SCAR and AR-15 sniper look good to me!

Hope this helps!
2 l. temu
Hey quick question. Are you still looking for HK416s? I ask because there is a line of American figures that offer a rather nice M27/416
2 l. temu
kevinlowl (2 l. temu) #3062839I came here to ask the same question lol.
@God Yagami, I hope I don't come off as "stupid as fuck" lol, but seriously though, why did you choose to learn Chinese over Japanese when you're into anime?

LMAO |D -- No don't worry.
It's because I study foreign trade in college. So I decided to learn chinese too since it's important for business. I hope to learn japanese someday too - at least it will be easier after learn chinese...
I just get tired when people are like "it doesnt matter you have to learn japanese because you like anime", wtf! I don't like sushi and I hear the same all the time :'(
"How come you don't like it? You are an otaku you have to eat sushi"

Japan have some importance in our economy (import/export) but it's veeeeery small compared to some countries as China, USA and Latin América.
2 l. temu
kilani Sayaka Rank
Haha that was a surprise to see this comment. I love M&VS and this style of music so much, like in Drive.
2 l. temu
Just gotta say - I've been digging the songs you occasionally post up on your profile.
2 l. temu
kevinlowl (2 l. temu) #2880086all this while I read your name as sulukingmany people have ask me if I am sulu lol
2 l. temu
kevinlowl (2 l. temu) #2880165thanks! that magazine theme is awesome and so is the art style!
i think so too :) apparently it's drawn by shigeto koyama who was the key animator for the last eva movies
2 l. temu
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