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Heyy! My name is Poppy Moon, im queer, i go by she/they/them, 28, and from Cambridge, UK.

I have been collecting a variety of toys my whole life but got my first sakura miku in about 2019 my first scale was Alters gothic maid louise and have been hooked on scales since.

I am neurodivergent, chronically ill and have CPTSD. Collecting is my favourite hobby, it brings me a lot of happiness and helps to keep me going through the hard times. My biggest love outside of collecting is my rats. I am also an artist, doll customiser and love playing with makeup and dressing up, which is why my dress up darling is one of my favourites!

I love a mixture of cute and creepy things, yami kawaii, menhera, gurokawa, erokawaii, jirai-kei, magical girls, gloomy bear, kuromi, my melody, monster high, video games, horror, vent art and so much more!
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awe thank you sm! i love your collection too <3
2 d. temu
thanks for adding me back!! I love your profile very cool B)
4 d. temu
love your pink collection, profile and getup! fr sent <3
1 mies. temu
mocchi neet queen
Thanks for the birthday wishes! You have a very cute collection btw. <3
2 mies. temu
your profile is so cool! beautiful art
2 mies. temu
Thank you so much!! I absolutely adore your profile, it's so cute!! <3
3 mies. temu
thank you so much for accepting ! i'm loving your pink collection and the theme of your profile !! ( 〃▽〃)
3 mies. temu
honeymelon エロかわいいハンター
Thank you! also omg...that 8 eye'd bunny looks so amazing on your profile! 0_0 and cute makeup ^-^
3 mies. temu
(╥ω╥) You're so sweet! Thank you!! *♡
3 mies. temu
Super cute collection!! (´,,•ω•,,)♡
3 mies. temu
Best Goods from Japan

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Drag race, my dress up darling, mieruko-chan, toilet bound Hanako-kun, higurashi when they cry, sailor moon, madoka magica, magical girl site, kaguya sama, death note, spy x family, himouto! Umaru-chan, yuru camp, re: zero, another, Tokyo ghoul.
Junji itou
Animal crossing new horizons, nier, bayonetta, lollipop chainsaw, alice madness returns, skyrim, fallout, dishonored, fable, saints row, gta, WET, tomb raider, the witcher, resident evil.
Punkty MOE
Ahoge, pink hair, twintails, long hair, maid, lolita, nurse, gothic, eye patch/plasters/bandages/yami kawaii, snaggletooth/fangs, thigh highs, demon, succubus, angel, nekomimi, inumimi, bunny, bows, ruffles, strawberries, cherries, sweets, pink and red.
Zheani, Banshee, jazmin bean, alice glass, IC3PEAK, siiickbrain, lil mariko, poppy, babymetal, korn, bring me the horizon, slipknot, to the grave, lorna shore, cannibal corpse, napalm death, nicole dollanganger, daine, pussy riot, yeule, lil bo weep.
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