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Relatively new figure collector who just into the hobby toward the latter months of 2018.

I've always been a big fan of collecting things (was a shiny hunter back in my Pokemon playing days... still shiny hunt but not as excessively) and have always been a big fan of anime, but only recently did I discover that I could combine my two passions.

My collection focuses primarily on scale figures. I know many collectors are into Nendoroids and Figmas, but they aren't my thing. Nendoroids, while extremely cute, just aren't as detailed as I like some of my figures being. And Figmas, while able to be put in some pretty cool poses, have these (in my opinion) completely hideous looking joints. AS someone who isn't incredibly artsy or creative, something I can just display as a final product is perfect for me, and scales do just that.

The one down side of my infatuation with scales is the price. As a part-timer and full time university student, I don't have the most disposable income, but I save relatively well and thus have enough to increase my collection at a relatively healthy pace.

That being said, if you're looking to sell any of the figures that are on my Wishlist, please feel free to shoot me a PM so we can work something out.

- Helpingly


Random Facts About Me:
- My favorite color is Green; if it's green I'll probably like it a lot
- I love anything to do with pirates
- I do a lot of recreational sportfishing (often go down to Cabo with my family during the Summer, my PB is 150 lb Blue Marlin)
- One of my other hobbies is building high-end bespoke mechanical keyboards



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You can buy Japanese anime and manga merch!


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Anime (I watch pretty much anything), Friends, The Office
League of Legends, Pokemon, Monster Hunter
One OK Rock, Coldrain, Babymetal, AKB48, Linkin Park, Porter Robinson
I use a XPS 13 9370 with an eGPU with a 1070 for all my gaming.. not the best but it'll have to do.