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I am a Youtuber and avid anime fan! Take a peek at my channel! I do unboxings and reviews of anime and video game related stuff!

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Hi. Just dropping by to tell you that I love your unboxing videos! :)
2 mies. temu
No problem, you don't need to apologize. Thanks for considering my recommendation. ;)
5 mies. temu
Haha, no problem!
5 mies. temu
Happy birthday^^!
10 mies. temu
happy birthday!
10 mies. temu
Happy Birthday Geedoo! I hope you have a wonderful day. :D
10 mies. temu
I also love seeing people on MFC, that's why I talked to you here and not on Youtube. :Đ I totally recommend Skip Beat, it's in my top 5 shoujo manga (together with AkaYona, Fruits Basket, UraBoku and Vampire Knight). It's very light on romance, but it's funny and serious and interesting as hell. I usually prefer fantasy or at least supernatural (like in Fruits Basket) and I don't like slice of life stuff (Skip Beat has some of that), but that manga is just so awesome. The characters, the story, everything. The main character is a tough girl, like Yona (I love such characters <3), and she's both cool and funny. The manga is long, but it's not boring at all. You can try the anime if you like those more than manga. ;)
2 l. temu
Thank you so much for the video of AkaYona Vol 23 Limited Edition Illustrations Book. <3 I was wondering if I should buy it and HELL YEAH, after watching your video. :Đ I hope we can get a big artbook one day (and one of Skip Beat! please T__T), but until then, this will do nicely. :3
2 l. temu
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
My pleasure ^^ <3 have a nice day!
2 l. temu
I love your unboxing videos! I'm a huge fan of Code Geass as you can probably see if you see my collection. Nice to see another fellow Canadian as well! Thanks for accepting my request as well.
2 l. temu
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