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Strife212 Original Blue
Your TM media collections are great!
8 l. temu
Hi dt
do you know how I can get this one? ITEM #26302
and...can you give me the detail of this PVC name?
like 1/6 Ryougi Shiki Chokushi no Magan Movic or 1/6 両義式 直死の魔眼 ムービック.....which one is it? :D
Thanks :)
9 l. temu
darktruthIs it ok for me to add it back in?I guess it's okay!
9 l. temu
Hello. I noticed that you added some Kara no Kyoukai pencil boards and I'd really like to know where did you acquire them. Do they come with the limited edition DVD packages or can they be bought separately?

I'd really appreciate if you could help fellow Kara no Kyoukai fan out here.

And I absolutely love your collection! Shakugan no Shana was my favorite for several years before some time ago and now it's Kara no Kyoukai. And you have good amount of articles from either series.
10 l. temu
Hello! Can you help me? I need an opinion. What do you think about Azaka Kokutou Movic figure?
10 l. temu
hey ^^ I made a club for Shakugan no Shana collectors ^^ maybe you would like to join ^^: figure.tsuki-bo...
11 l. temu
hey ^^ yeah I'll take a look later on. Right now I'm broke and my pay check is already spend on my figures and one cosplay. But thanks for uploading more of those nintengo figures. I had been looking for them at Tsuki Board but I hadn't seem them yet.
11 l. temu
yakumo You said Nendo?
maybe he changed up his mind
11 l. temu
yakumo You said Nendo?
Darktruth: You alerted the profile from Cross of Venus set
because you want them separated

But when you had made the separate one for Shana
it was alerted twice and the 2nd time it was removed

So I think Kuma-san doesn't agree with the set being separated
because there are only 4 people who can delete profiles
11 l. temu
«I can add some further information on what version this trading figure is as there is another similar but different version.»

So, would you accept to give us the information?
11 l. temu
Premium Figure Imports

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