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Hello my name is Karla and I have been collecting figurines since 2009? I believe?
I love collecting figurines, but as you can see, I give my upmost priority to Vocaloid ones, especially those of rarer Vocaloids and companies.
I'm into other fandoms and shows as well, but it is much easier to buy artbooks or small keychains than get into a whole figurine collection of them (without a decent paying job...)
Anyways, feel free to DM me if ya need anything

Tambien hablo español.


chibikarla3 l. temu#22192426Happy Birthday!!!
Thank you Very much :)
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chibikarla3 l. temu#21797341Hope you have had a great birthday! :)
Thank you very much! :-)
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Gracias por aceptar la petición de amistad!!! ^^
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Kaneel on Ice
I just finished my photoshoot with Yukari and refine the pictures right now(cropping them etc),
coincidently i read your post on her figure and i can't agree more with you.
I think for a first figure of a company she came out good and while everyone is nitpicking on the paintflaws i have the feeling the lovely sculpt is overseen, i was really impressed when i got
her out of the box, she's so big, i made some comparison shots to Auqamarines 1/8 Gumi and Furyus Lily and now way in hell shes 1/8, she definitely closer to 1/7 and wasn't that the scale Pulchra advertised her first?
No idea why they scaled her down but she's the same size as May Factory's Luka for example and Luka is 1/7 with a height of 23 cm and well, thats the same as Yukari. Gumi looks so tiny against her.
I'm thinking of writing them to ask if they are sure that she is supposed to be 1/8, if yes i don't want to see Pulchras 1/7 scales.

Ahh yeah, Kagome's Tiny Paradise, i have this song on Tsuki no Uta I featured, a nice one,
i finished Galacos super best album and waah,i really love G.G.B and Wonderland out of the unreleased songs.
I worried a lot with Hikari to Yami, getting Cd's from small or new label seems to involve some work and luck. Misakis version of Justitia sounded rather close to Merlis voicebank which was really surprising.

Yeah i guess with some series one is happy about any figures they make even if it is not the favorited character.

P.S have you seen the new prototype pictures of figma Chariot. Her shield o.o
I see her pricetag increasing a lot.
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Kaneel on Ice
Awww, i'm so glad you also got you copy of the CD and it even arrived at yours already.
Mine is still on its way, if i would ship it with EMS it would be over the limit where i had to pay tax on top, so i have it shipped with SAL.

Have you listened to the CD already?
If yes any favourite songs or is just everything awesome?

I see you also have Tsuki no Hibiki already, i'll order it some time in april, the month is less packed then march thankfully.

Haha, i may could take a photo of my whole vocaloid shrine too. If i can fit everything on a picture. Would love to see a picture of yours too ^^.

AmiAmi thankfully also managed to secure my copy of Hikari to Yami, they had some trouble with items on backorder now it's on the way togther with Decorator.

By the way, didn't you want to have figures of gatchaman crowds, i'm sure you have seen this announcement then? ITEM #206803
Seems a lot of good stuff was held back at wonfes.
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Kaneel on Ice
Aaaaaah, just when we're complaining about galaco super best i recieved a mail from AmiAmi today, most important part "We would like to inform you that this item will be instock within few days finally after delay and as soon as we will receive the item we will send you
the invoice."
I don't know if they send me a mail because i pestered them about the whereabouts but finally, like a month after release.
Hope your tentative order will be fullfilled too.

As for the Sega Prize figures i agree, their quality is usually really good for prize figures but i keep my hopes for senbonzakura Meiko and Luka, the set wont feel complete without them.

Have seen the first pictures of Yukari and indeed she looks good, seems my camera and me will have quiet some fun when she's finally here, have to take a picture of my small yukari shrine then too.

I totally believe every word about shipping to you, southamerica is even more expensive than to me and every time i see shipping quotes for it i'm like uuuugh.
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Kaneel on Ice
I was extremly relieved when we had internet connection again, especially because i realized how much i'm depending on it in everyday life, for example ordering tickets for cinema.
Oh yeah those Sega prize, if we won't get a Senbonzakura Meiko that would be like her only scale, will keep my eyes on them, those PM figures usually have a nice quality for being a prize figure.
I guess we will see Kaitos prototype coming summer wonfes and maybe an announcement for Senbonzakura Luka and Meiko then too*pleasepleaseplease*

Haven't got time to write AmiAmi about the CD again, because right now it's three weeks after the release and still no update. Will write them now and asking again if hey have news or if they can at least look into it why they haven't recieved any news about the release.
Mine isn't tentative just the "release dat to be determined later" but if yours is tentative i would ponder about writing them and asking politly for a cancellation, saying you are aware they normally don't do this etc but that you are worried they won't recieve any stock at all and you waiting to long for them so that you might pass opportunities to buy the album elsewhere.
By the way, i ordered Hikari to Yami with them and uuuh *crossing fingers* recieved a mail earlier that they are still trying to secure me a copy because their usual retailers couldn't provide one.

If everything fails i might buy it via HMV, i noticed they do offer international shipping, only 1100 Yen EMS to me but at least they also have All Vocaloid Attack#2 up on their site.
Or i'm using Amazon jp in the end, at least they offer flatrate shipping of 1200Yen.
Guess for you shipping would be even pricier.

Yeah, she was supposed to come out around christmas, now it's spring(or autumn over at yours)
Her release wasn't updated by AmiAmi, we might get her end march in the end, but we'll see.
Hopefully i have a payment request for her when i'm back from the bookfair i'm attending this weekend.
And i'm very excited to see how the massproduct came out, she's still the very first figure by pulchra so i'm not expecting high top quality from the beginning but also no big flaws.
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Kaneel on Ice
Hey, i hope you are doing okay ^^ ?

Finally found some time to write again, after being without internet connection during january and then i was distracted by wonfes.
Anything special got your interest?
Biggest surprise for me was ITEM #198522, came out of nowhere, i was more expecting to see anouncements for Senbonzakura Meiko and Luka, will keep my eyes on her.

I also read on Vo that you pre-ordered Galaco super best on AmiAmi too. I wrote them last week because i was wondering why they haven't updated the CD with the release date and when i can expect payment request, answer was something like, just wait till it is in stock ... .
I'll write them again, pointing out that i'm worried if they will recieve stock at all, the album is nearly two weeks out without any news from them.
To make it worse we could order from CDJapan now, they listed it not to long ago.

Also have you seen that Yukari was delayed again but it seems this was the last and now her final release date is march 15th.
6 l. temu
Kaneel on Ice
Just wanted to leave a feliz navidad for you here.

Hope you have some nice days with family and friends without any stress.

Will definitely answer later to your last comment.
By the way, today(well actually for you it's tomorrow ^^°) is a christmas special voca nico night.
6 l. temu
Kaneel on Ice
Well then let's continue ^^
I finally found some videos from the vocanico night you attended and whoah, i was blown away when he mixed that spanish song and the whole masses went crazy.
Seems he really rocked the house.
I don't know why but the fans here are a lot calmer and quieter, i barely see them like this, so that was like, ohh someday i want to see them go crazy like this.
Soo roughly two and a half month till winter wonfes, i can't wait to preo-order the new snow miku and look forward so hopefully see the senbonzakura scales from freeing colored.
Since you also have that Mayu scale on your list i'm looking forward to any news of her, i mean we already have a release date announced, time for some prototype pictures.
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PVC anime figure store.

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