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I like books, rabbits, soft morning light, coffee, and miniatures (an incomplete listing of which can be found in this account).



Hmm...Re-ment AND Moomin. Any interest in the upcoming Moomin-based food set?
3 l. temu
I just wanted to say that I'm super inspired by your amazing collection and photos! You're such an inspiration. :>!!
7 l. temu
caramelcake7 l. temu#1274953T-Thank you! (Awesome collection, btw! You have all the playsets!)

^_^ thanks! I'm missing the cultural festival playset though... But I'm happy with what I have :)
7 l. temu
It was actually you who inspired me to expand my nendoroid collection & start collecting rement. I had a couple but after stumbling across your blog and amazing photos I had to have more! Lol ^_^ you nendoroid & rement collection and photo's are awesome!
7 l. temu
kilani Sayaka Rank
Hi there ^^ I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all of your work on the re-ment database.
8 l. temu
caramelcakeNo problem, always glad to help.
Thanks, I ended up ordering it!

caramelcakeI...really wouldn't recommend doing that. Here's what happened to mine when I tried opening it: espresso.dreamw...
Eck, I was hoping it won't be hollow inside. Thanks for the heads up. x_x

Well, I think I'll still unwrap the puddings, but obviously I won't bother popping the lid...
9 l. temu
caramelcakeHello there. Yes, the pudding is removable. All the pieces are detachable from the plate except for the pancakes.
Ahh, thanks so much for responding! Now to hunt it one down...

Oh, one more question! For the pudding 3-pack set in this other set, do you think it's possible to cut open the plastic wrapping and take each individual pudding out? Based on how it's made, do you think it's possible to cut open the top cover of each pudding unit? I'd like to hear your assessment... because yes, I'd want to cut open the 3-pack and pop one open if I get this set. Thanks again for your time!
9 l. temu
Hi there. You are the only one who owns Kid's Lunch Set - Everybody at the Family Restaurant, so would you mind telling me if the pudding is removable?
9 l. temu
I love all your Re-ment items. I've recently gotten interested in them, so it was cool to see such a large and attractive collection.
9 l. temu
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
Hi, I was finishing and editing the Handmade Bakery Re-Ment set and I noticed that you had already made a series for it. Is it possible for you to add and link the rest of the set? search.php?sear...

Thanks so much!
10 l. temu
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