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Nan :3
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Kilka słów o użytkowniku

My personality: My personality is very flamboyant and I never shut up, please don’t let this quality turn you off I am a very understanding person. I am quite funny at times and will make you lol from time to time.


I love acting drawing and anything that applies to the arts. I also like making poems about troubles that people face in life.

Anime: I love anime, manga and anything from Japan. I collect figures, merch, Japan artefacts, DVDS and manga. My collection is somewhat small because of were I live. I live in Kingston Ontario Canada. the closest Anime store is three and a half hours away :(

I love the trill of rollercoaster’s and scary movies.

I always have my Ipod with me, music is my life

I love fashion and style but not to the point of wearing nothing :P


I hate bugs that bite, the bites itch and they scare me

seaweed, you do not know what gross things are in it

needles, they just hurt

hackers, stop hacking its annoying and it brakes my computer


Hey, I was wondering if you still wanted your Vampire Knight Blanket.
7 l. temu
RaditzFan Ultimate Raditz Fan
I'm letting you know that my figures arrived today. Thanks so much! :D
8 l. temu
great collection
8 l. temu
That's great. I try to keep my collection at minimum because I don't have much space to display them.blackrockshooterWow u have all my fav figs :)
8 l. temu
blackrockshooterWelcome welcome :) to MFC

Thank you. (o゚▽゚)
8 l. temu
Hi there, saw your post/reply about my post at the ontario club.
Glad to know your coming.

BTW, are you actually in Kingston?(the city or the street?).
If it's the city then that's a bit far from the Fan Expo..
9 l. temu
blackrockshooternice :)

You have a nice collection too. 8Þ
9 l. temu
blackrockshooterwow epic collection :0 wered did u get all the money drules at figures

Well, Red Pandas are endangered so government funding of course 8Þ

I have a decent paying job and I'm single by choice, meaning lots of spare cash to save and spend.
9 l. temu
you have a very large collection :X. I don't know anyone in toronto or ontario that has as much figurines as you do.
9 l. temu
blackrockshooterNice :D hehe u should ^_^

i already have a job currently, but i don't mind working two jobs especially one being a figurine shop o it like dying and going to heaven if i get in
9 l. temu
Anime, Figures and Manga For Less!

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