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Hi my name is Ian Joseph,

I started collecting figures in about 2012 and i decided to get more out of it with photography! I'm still not great but i can say i have improved and learned a lot more about photography. I hope you like my shots just as much (:

I am from Singapore XD

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Always feel free to chat or tweet and comment to us! We always reply and hope to make awesome friends in the community (:


MelKeigo Honey Fairy
Happy birthday!
1 r. temu
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Yo! Just making the rounds on my friends list. Long time no talk.

I see you have the a6000! A good choice! A step up from a digital camera in some ways, and rivals beginner level DSLRs.

How're you liking it so far, and what lenses do you have for it? I'm just asking.
2 l. temu
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
G'evening. You may call me Val or Vale for short.

I do have Twitter, so I can add, cheer, and support you from there and here as well Haha

Have a good one!
2 l. temu
Miaeka2 l. temu#29243436Your photography skills are amazing. Nearly every photo of yours is a present to my eyes. Great job! thank you so much !!! Your comment means a lot. :) Hope you're on Twitter too keep in touch there !
2 l. temu
Your photography skills are amazing. Nearly every photo of yours is a present to my eyes. Great job!
2 l. temu
Happy Birthday^^^
2 l. temu
Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
2 l. temu
MelKeigo Honey Fairy
Happy birthday!!
2 l. temu
You have taken many photos that i enjoyed and your very creative with your photos.
3 l. temu
Thank you very much! :3
3 l. temu
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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FATE series, Bang Dream, LoveLive, K-On, Non Non Biyori, Wataten and many more! Though i also really enjoy many others!
FGO, Bang dream GBP, Mobile Legens, DOTA,
Band Maid, Reona, Rosalia, Poppin Party, Hatsune Miku, Protest the Hero, Avenged Sevenfold, The Gazette, SCANDAL, Stereopony, anything Rock, Metal, Punk and Jap!
Sony Alpha 6000, Moment lens
PC, Macbook 12 inch, IPad Pro


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