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  • Hi! I am waiting for this item to arrive to my house but I will have this for sale ITEM #334408 rin;s hugpita and I have a few other things for sale - it will be in my lists if interested.

    Thank you for reading regardless :3
    5 mies. temu
    Hi, I saw that you like SAO and have a Sinon figure that I happen to be selling on your wishlist. If you're interested at all, I've got an ad up for her.
    Have a nice day!
    6 mies. temu
    Sorry for being late again!

    9 mies. temu
    yakushining your Highness
    Thanks for the FR! Love all the Vocaloid in your collection <3 Also realized that you're in Ontario, Canada- so am I!
    1 r. temu
    hi there, i still have hanayo for sale. your inbox is full though.
    1 r. temu
    That is great to hear! I hope you had lots of cake and awesome gifts! :D And let me take this opportunity to already wish you happy holidays and a good 2019! :D
    1 r. temu
    Sorry for being so late!

    1 r. temu
    2 l. temu
    A happy birthday to you! :D

    3 l. temu
    Wow really a nice collection :) and so much wanted!!
    4 l. temu
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