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Figures for Sale (shipping from Australia)101


Great collection buddy,we have same taste...almost haha!
3 l. temu
Awesome collection! :D
4 l. temu
Hi, I saw your pic here, can you add scultures crocodile in your pic?
I would like to see the comparison of them. Thanks.
5 l. temu
Boy, you're talented! *-*
Love your customs!
5 l. temu
akatsukiz6 l. temu#1989105I'm doing great thanks! Can't wait for my Ginpachi Sensei to arrive! And yourself?

Hey! I'm doing fine, been busy. I ordered Ginpachi Sensei too :D couldn't resist! Hehe
6 l. temu
Hey! How have you been?
6 l. temu
MobiusX Chūnin Rank
akatsukiz6 l. temu#1892280Mine as well... not sure if that's normal and I hope Naruto won't keep leaning more to the support stand. I just noticed since you posted this comment and now I'm gonna take naruto off the base for the rest of the day since it's 40 degree's celcius here in Melbourne today.

It's 39 over here. Perhaps I should do the same :l
6 l. temu
MobiusX Chūnin Rank
Would your G.E.M. Naruto happen to be leaning against the clear "support stand" a lot? Mine's not 90 degrees to the base and I'm worried this will warp the support stand.

6 l. temu
MobiusX Chūnin Rank
Yo! Just decided to pass by~

Not considering another X-tra by Tsume? Sasuke is likely to ship this week D:
Sage Naruto needs someone's ass to kick on display :3

... I totally also just realised you're from Australia. YEEEEE :DDD
6 l. temu
akatsukiz7 l. temu#1735297Thanks for FR!
Thanks to you for your acceptance :)

You've an awesome collection, and it seems we share the passion for the santoryu swordman!
7 l. temu
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