Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
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Gale ♦ 29 ♦ They/them

Artist & rodent enthusiast. True crime, paranormal, shounen & horror-manga fan. When a story rips my heart out I yell a lot, but I'm a glutton for punishment. If you'd like to see my art, check out my Instagram!

I mostly collect nendoroids nowadays, because scales have gotten way too expensive and room is limited. I don't add most of my media and goods.

Any items that are in storage or up for sale are in lists and not marked as owned.


hello! i saw your comment on gcc mini tatsuya page over you’re willing to selling the box, even though it was 4 years ago... if you still have the box or tatsuya, could you contact me please?
2 mies. temu
Hi there!! I was wondering if you still have Gon/Kurapika figmas up for grabs and I was wondering how much you’re asking for them! Thank you for your time ❤️
6 mies. temu
Happy birthday! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ
10 mies. temu
No worries! I'm kind of attached to her anyway lol, thanks though! ^^
1 r. temu
Hi, your inbox is full. Sayaka is $25 +shipping :)
1 r. temu
happy birthday! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
1 r. temu
lmao yes hello it's me Ari pastelkougra from tumlr
2 l. temu
ladybug nyaruhodo~ ♡
ahhh happy birthday!! i hope you have a great one ^o^/

2 l. temu
adrikyn3 l. temu#23551337Hey! I figured I'd take it here since it's a little irrelevant to the forum, but if you're looking for other domestic shops to get stuff, Anime Island is probably the best option. I picked up 2 of my lost pre-orders there, and the the other 2 off AmiAmi.
Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately it is a particular shop exclusive release (neither Anime Island or AmiAmi have it). In these circumstances I normally go to Solaris (pricey, but gets it done), but even they haven't listed it. There are a few other shops, but their reviews are less than stellar. In this case I'm actually asking Solaris if they'll be selling it (they sell all of the other items belonging to the distributor) banking on my good spending history with them.

Worst comes to worse, it'll probably show up in the aftermarket if I wait a bit.
3 l. temu
adrikyn3 l. temu#23530611Thanks, yours is really cool too :D
I wouldn't get your hopes up tbh. If you're still able, now is the time to dispute charges in Paypal and explain the situation.

Np. c: Thanks~
Well, let wait to see...
3 l. temu
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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Programy TV
HxH (2011), MP100, Madoka, Space Dandy, Gurren Lagann, Shiki, YGO! 5D's
Gantz, Tokyo Ghoul, Re:Zero, School-Live!, InuYasha, Devilman, Magical Girl Raising Project
SMT3: Nocturne, MGS2, MGS3, NieR:Automata, Project Diva, Tales of Symphonia, Silent Hill, Undertale
Punkty MOE
white hair, bandages, teenage/tween boys, a hard outside but soft and squishy inside

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