La passion et les rêves sont comme le temps, rien ne peut les ar
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Hello are you still active here? I PMed you.
3 l. temu
ZenKo3 l. temu#16293078Sorry but it seems your inbox is still full, can't send you a PM :/
Yeah i'm interested in those 3 depending on the prices too^^
And do you sell the forest spirit, san and moro and eboshi too?
No, I am just selling those three and at the stated prices in my ad. Thanks!
3 l. temu
ZenKo3 l. temu#16264800Hi,
sorry if i disturb you^^
I seen that you would like to sell some of your cominica figures.
And i'm interested in all your mononoke statues.
PS: your inbox is full, that's why i'm writting here.
Thanks ;)
hey, I have cleared out my inbox now. Thanks! :) I still have the San, ashitaka and Yakul figures for sale if you are interested. Are you looking for one in particular or are you interested in all? Thanks!
3 l. temu
I'm interested in some of the WCF you have listed as having multiples of. If you are still selling and they are still available, could you please PM me with details? Thanks very much!
3 l. temu
ZenKo4 l. temu#14038705Bon anniv'! 30 ans c'est un bel age, enjoy ;)
Merci, enfin c'est 31 plutôt! :D
4 l. temu
Haha mfc notified me it was today ^^ anyway wish you an early happy bday :)
4 l. temu
ZenKo4 l. temu#13922328Happy birthday Killax ! Enjoy ;)

Thank you! Bday is actually tomorrow but thanks!
4 l. temu
Merci :)
4 l. temu
Just sold it 3 days ago :/ sry
4 l. temu
Do you still sell Nami Strong POP?
4 l. temu
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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