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Went from game collecting to figure collecting xD

My wallet isn't happy with the change ;_;



Sorry if this is a bother, I saw that you own a Riemsianne - 1/8 figure from Shining Force EXA, I`m interested in buying a sealed one but the horn in her forehead seems pointing to the right instead of being centered.

Since it is sealed I don`t believe the seller will check, but, if you don`t mind can you tell me if there is any clockwise or anti clockwise mobility to her forehead horn?

Thanks and sorry for the bother.
1 mies. temu
Hi, I was wondering if you got my message regarding my Mikaela figure? There is one other person who has expressed some interest so I was wondering if you could get back to me as soon as possible.

4 mies. temu
I sent you a message about the figure can you please get back to me asap. Id like to buy the figure today if possible or before i got to work tomorrow. Its currently the onlye one im missing until i have the full set
10 mies. temu
Happy bday! I hope everything goes your way today:D

Lost of love ❤️
10 mies. temu
Your inbox is full, but I'll be mailing Zhao Linger tomorrow morning. I'll send you the tracking number as soon as I get it.
11 mies. temu
Very good seller, was understandable with my mistakes regarding protection plan and wrote out everything to help me out. Very lenient and reliable, my sole wished Shinsuke Takasugi figure is now home!
11 mies. temu
Great communication, went above and beyond, figure in perfect condition. 10/10, thanks!
1 r. temu
I messaged you about the sale of your Kotobukiya Maou figure. Did you receive it? I am very much interested in buying it. Thank you for your time.
1 r. temu
1 r. temu
I messaged you about a figure I wanted to buy from you. Sorry for the urgency, but I'd like to know if it's still available as I recently just bought the other two and want to complete the set. Thank you!
1 r. temu

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