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https://pm1.narvii.com/6430/2d2fb7f21e6c4b62b4084523ab821401f24611ab_hq.jpgHi, thanks for visiting my page! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I'm a gamer that's also super into pro wrestling/puroresu, the MCU, Disney, and (of course) anime and manga. As far as my collection goes, I've been focusing on Love Live, Sengoku Basara, Vocaloid, and Kingdom Hearts. I also have a huge weakness for straps, clear files, and anything Wario.

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Thank you so much for the greeting! HAHAHAH Will definitely still eat cake and eat some good food! XD

IKR the eye tradings in this is insane. Imagine if you can just grab anyone's eye and just implant it to yourself directly pfftt XD OH YEAH that gorgeous Sakura statue is ridiculous @___@ Shhh I find Katsuyu very cute there too AHHAHAHHA Okay I googled how many episodes does Bleach have and it says 366. Around what should I stop there? I'm am seriously considering this as it's apparently on Netflix? According to Google anyway, haven't checked yet, but if not, Torrent is always my bff. XD Omg whut Sasuke's daughter suspects Karin's is her mom? WELL DAMN dsfsdfsdf I guess they gotta put drama somehow XD There is one boy that interest me, I don't know his name but he's the one with the undercut with piercings loool

That's actually not bad! Mine was 45 seconds I believe HAHAHA I feel like this time trial is for the gods of FPS or something XD And Ikr! The way people flawlessly just throw grenades and shoot WHILE wall-running?? UNREAL! Heck I can barely slide AND shoot without stopping to aim! I mean in the campaign with no time trial it's fine, but the time is really what gets us! People said to use the shotgun and grenades, I tried it but well IT GOT ME NOWHERE XD OMG YES that's the perfect way to describe it! Going Super Saiyan LMAO IT WAS JUST LIKE I WILL MURDER EVERYTHING THAT COMES IN MY WAY LMAO Also that part wherein the time stopped??! Dude that was so gorgeous I couldn't help but just STOP and look around. Oh man them playing with our hearts taking BT away from us then giving him back to us, I cried again I was like "QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEART!"

Tbh I'm not even sure if Hunter x Hunter is still on-going :O Ok I'm back from my google research and yeah you're right he went on hiatus :O I hope he gets to finish it so we can have closure with it XD Oh wow I didn't know D.Grayman even had a hiatus :O I haven't even finished the anime yet but Lavi is my favourite! XD OH YES Now you have Draco bb. His smirk gets me lmao and dude omg I just gave in and preorder Tsukki T_T Since I really just wanted Hinata, Takao, Tsukki and Noya. I don't think I have the funds to collect them all OTL Who knows maybe you're stronger than me, or if not... just accept it with me XD
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When I first heard about Kaguya from my sister I went "Huh? A new one out of the blue?" but when I watched it, I felt the flow went perfectly. So I didn't mind her either! I screamed a lot when Kakashi got both Sharingan eyes HAHAHAHAH I agree, it was a Team 7 moment and I loved every second of it T^T Bleach is another anime I plan on watching! My list just keeps piling up. XD Yeah I am surprised about Minato too! I wonder why though. I sure hope he's next, but after they rerelease the team 7 HAHAHA Thank you! My sister is only watching Boruto for the Uchiha family she said lmao

That's okay! They are such a challenge to find. I actually watched one video and I was like "WELL DAMN THAT'S A LOT OF PERFECT WALLRUNNING AND JUMPING DFDSFFDS" Don't get me wrong they are fun, but sometimes I forget I am on a helmet collecting run that I get sucked in with the action once again XD Happened a couple of times dammit Titanfall! XD I believe you can make the time trial one day!! What's your best run so far? UGH. I know how you feel! I got so attached to him then he started playing with my emotion and then of course I started crying. That part wherein Slone kills BT and then it shows on your screen "Objective: SURVIVE." I got chills. I was still mourning over my dead friend and they want me to go all Spider-man and kill away? T_T CRUEL but so brilliant at the same time! The auto pistol was placed perfectly in the campaign cause you aint got no time to aim, you must kill everything that comes in your way because you just lost your bff! T^T

Oooh, those are very pretty figures btw! Noted on the possible girls I might like! They're so popular and I was like "I'm gonna get sucked in one day, aren't I?" Yep! Granted of course I grew up with the 1998 Hunter x Hunter, and I watched 2011 back then but didn't get to finish so my goal is to finally finish it! I also heard it's not even finished yet that people are joking it's gonna get a reboot in 2021 from start to current arc XD Likewise, although part of me want to play the main characters too but I know that's prolly not gonna happen HAHAHA BUT JUST IMAGINE AHHHHH. Oh man, Lego games for some very odd reason makes me dizzy. I believe it's the camera movement? Even though I already turned sensitivity to 0, I still want to puke. OTL
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I absolutely agree that Pain arc is still my favourite! It's just so good T^T About the talk no jutsu, speaking of that, I almost thought he was gonna use the same tactics on Kaguya so I am super glad they actually defeated her in combat or else I'll be like "What's the use of all these jutsu if talk no jutsu is just the way to defeat all your enemies???!!" XD Still hoping for a Pain nendo too! And maybe some Minato there XD I haven't actually tried Boruto because I heard such things. :(( Is it good? Is it worth it? Cause I am so attached to baby Naruto lool

Hey no shame! I got stuck around too trying to figure out what to even do sometimes AHAHAH But I mostly die cause I kept falling, and my jump and wallrunning sucks in the campaign when I first played it XD Oh yeah definitely about the helmets! There are way too many helmets I wouldn't even notice if it wasn't for guides XD I still haven't gotten them all, I did get at least 10 helmets on my own when I finished, but that's not something to brag about as there were too many lmao OMG YES HAHAHAHA The time travel puzzles are amazing!!! I absolutely know that part you're talking about! It's one of my fave parts making the wall appear and disappear in such a quick manner! My heart was pumping so fast XD Has your friend also reached that part? It's just exhilarating you make me wanna replay that chapter again lmao

Pfft glad i didn't embarrass myself too much with that dumb question. Now I can finally say it out loud if chances are presented XD ooooh that's nice that there isn't any harem! :O Noted on the series and movies! Is there like some emo girl in the franchise? I tend to gravitate towards those for some reason AHHAHAHA But I will add it on my list! I'm currently rewatching Hunter x Hunter because it only has 148 episodes lol Back then that number was very daunting, but after I finished my Naruto rewatch which was 720 episodes, suddenly 148 is like rookie numbers HAHAHAHAH Oh yeah definitely Rock Lee is Hufflepuff! <3 And I saw the Harry Potter game! So we're not gonna play as Harry then like the old Harry Potter games? I remember I played Prisoner of Azkaban and that was hella fun XD I think this time we create our own characters or something?
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Same tbh. I only found out about it cause I bought it in Animate when I visited Japan. I was like "Huh. Dis smol." XD Original Black Butler only has two seasons I believe and Season 3 is Book of Circus which was super fun too! Oh yeah the manga is still ongoing, I haven't even completed the ones that are out, it's just that Yen Press sells them much pricier compared to Viz or Kodansha. I wonder why though? Maybe licensing is super expensive for it? OH NOOOOO now i'm gonna be sad if we find out Akamaru will be an acrylic plate :(( He deserves more than that!!

Yeah one of the things I find ridiculous too is the huge chunk of text on the screen. Then again, I play Halo and the early games sometimes even have a PARAGRAPH on the screen AHHAHAHA I'm like, omg cut them every second at least XD My friend said the same thing about Doom, that the story isn't the focus but the fun side! OMG !!! YOU PLAYED EFFECT AND CAUSE CHAPTER!! It's almost everyone's favourite part! It's just super good and super fun and we tend to use our brains HAHAHHAHA The whole switching thing to flank an enemy was super fun, I keep replaying that one in chapter select because I imagine how funny it would be from a grunt's perspective "Whoa that guy just disappeared? WHY AM I SUDDENLY GETTING PUNCHED? NO ONE IS HERE?" Same!! BT reminds me so much of Baymax <3333 BT = BEST TITAN LOL Yes definitely let me know when you tried the PVE!

OKAY Imma be honest, I know nothing about Love Live and i'm gonna embarrass myself and ask how do you actually even say it? Is it Love Live and in LIVE CONCERT or LIVE as in GO LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST? lol She was suuuper cute and super cheap so I got her XD How should I go about watching the anime? Are there a lot? :O Oh my god THAT is an awkward pose indeed HAHAHAHHA XD I'm super curious about it tbh, is it like Utapri? Like they're an idol group? /rubs chin/ And who's your fave? Cause right now looking at their designs, the one I ordered is my fave. XD Sasuke is 1000% a Slytherin and Naruto is a friggin Gryffindor no doubt! AHHAHA
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Oh yes! Given scales with instruments would be good! I hope it becomes a reality T_T Then 10 Count artbook is really good albeit on the smaller side too since it's doujin size. Kinda wish it was as big as ITEM #189250 Dude I knooow! I'm so sad that Rock Lee nendo is so expensive but he hardly has any accessories :(( Drunken faceplate would've been so great AHHAHA A Kiba nendo would be so great as he is one of my faves too! Altho I do love the Shikamaru one that he has a black base O_O ITEM #851348

LOL at that gif HAHAHAHHA KYOOOT!! Yeah, I didn't like that episode where Eleven ran away too, it just really took you out of the show's atmosphere XD Apparently it's even rated the lowest! Steve easily became my favourite in Season 2! Like at first I was like UGH WHAT A JERK NANCY DESERVED BETTER! Then S2 happened and I was all "WTF STEVE DESERVED BETTER!!" HAHAHAHAHA He is best boy! <3 Oooh I haven't watched Haunting of Hill House, I should check it out!

Agreed, one of my problems with Doom is the very tiny subtitles O_O And people are saying it isn't and I'm like "I have a normal 32 inch okay! I don't have a hugeass tv!" XD Yep, I was actually surprised Titanfall 2 has FOV option since most games don't. Wolfenstein has but it's lowest is at 90 and I'm still so dizzy playing it so I stopped XD Agreed! The intro movie is so good I love it so much especially when you get into the titan and start killing! AHHAHAHA Oh damn I admire you, I never got past rank 6 in the time trial!! It's just a lot of accuracy and speed, which I don't have as a pilot lol I haven't 100% the game either but I think I got most of it at least! YAY I'M GLAD YOU MET BT!!! HE IS BEST TITAN!! I hope you get to try out Frontier Defense in multiplayer, it's PVE and it's amazing! It's such a blast!

Ugh I got these ones stuck at Amiami ITEM #380217 , ITEM #462792 , ITEM #868307 , ITEM #941540 and ITEM #166884 And likewise, I ain't spending a lot of money for shipping! HAHAHA This is already such an expensive hobby of ours, we gotta save as much as we can XD Agreed, Kakashi is indeed the best out of the three of them! <3 I finally got the Draco nendo and HE IS SUPER CUTE AND YES SUPER BRATTY! HAHAHAHA I'm partial of getting one for each house now and kinda aiming for Ron but we shall see! XD And understandable Slytherin is my own house too! PRIORITIES AHHAHAHA
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I finished Given recently too! Very light and I love it! 8D But yeah sadly we don't have figures for it :(( I'm eyeing on the Illustration Book though but I was thinking I'll prolly just snag it along with Naruto Art book when I can finally visit Japan hopefully next year T_T OMG Is he much more adorable in the manga compared to the anime? Rock Lee is one of my faves! I still hope we get a proper scale of him because tbh who hates Rock Lee? And likewise! There's something about Naruto that just... really clicks IDK WHAT but I'm gonna say for me it's because it's the only anime with Kakashi AHHAHAHA

Now I am curious about this Japanese wrestling subscription! When I think of it I imagine sumo wrestling XD Oh wow dude that is a lot of subscription for anime alone! I admire you for that! O_O I was also surprised Lucifer was a DC character but apparently he came from Vertigo which is under DC but since Vertigo is long gone, Lucifer is back to being DC solely now. It's very different it turns out from what is on Netflix, since Lucifer does tackle the heaven and earth thing, why on Netflix it's a detective show--which isn't a bad thing! Since I am so in love with it loool And loool das okay! Tbh the third season of Stranger Things didn't sit well with me, idk man. First season was just so special and horrifying that the more seasons it gets, the less scarier it is. In fact, it's not even scary anymore. :(

I actually read up about our motion sickness with video games. It's the field of view and there was an article about it. I was so confused cause it's mostly FPS games that makes me nauseous and yet Titanfall 2 didn't. So I had to do some research and found out about the field of view and the article mentioned that ONE GAME made it perfectly and guess what was the game? TITANFALL 2! I went "OH HELL YEAH MY FAVE GAME! But now I gonna know why" It stated there that the perfect FOV was 70, which was the default settings for Titanfall and most games have it on 90-100. Now granted you can change the FOV in Titanfall and I tried making it 90-100 and I FELT SO NAUSEOUS so I switched it back to 70 and I felt fine. I was like O_O HOLY DAMN. THE DIFFERENCE! So now every time I load up a game, I check the FOV if I can change it and sadly most of them are really just at 90 and it's so upsetting. :((( So maybe do experiment on that too! See if your game can be set to 70 FOV!

That is good tactics, one level a day! I might go with one hour a day for Doom when I finally get back to it. I was at that level wherein I find out about stuff in a huge screen or was it a ball of hologram (lol sorry idk how to describe it) I was trying to get to the next area but I got dizzy I couldn't move on XD OH HELL YESS! I'M SO GLAD YOU BOUGHT TITANFALL 2! DUDE SERIOUSLY DON'T GO TO MULTIPLAYER YET AND JUST PLAY THE CAMPAIGN FIRST!! T^T /CLUTCHES CHEST/ I really hope that you love it! The movements are so fun lmao I hope your friend enjoys it too!!!

Ugh I know how you feel. This is why I like preordering on Amiami cause at least you don't pay yet. :(( I fear that if we like the next figures we might want to collect them all lmao BUT IDK YET! I'm weak though so WHO KNOWS! Oh man :(( I too have like 6 figures in Japan right now from amiami stuck because of COVID. They said they will ship it when it's okay but damn it's taking forever with this pandemic :(( Which is ridiculous cause Mandarake and Solaris Japan shipped mine just fine! Granted they're also still stuck here in the local post office, maybe they're doing package quanrantine loool Only downside of these unlicensed ones is that once you miss the preorder period, you can't get them anymore. I just found out about this Sasuke and Naruto one and I'm crying cause apparently it's part of the Kimono Kakashi and I MISSED IT scontent-tpe1-1... and scontent-tpe1-1... and scontent.fmnl17... T_T I WEEP LOL
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Oh damn I heard he dies and all but I did not know that figure comes after a sad scene :(((( Okay I prolly shouldn't look for figures yet until I watch it, but that Megahouse is so pretty though but he's so overpriced now, which is prolly good for me so I don't have to get it. XD Oh wow it was in a shoujo magazine instead of a shounen ai? That's very interesting. /rubs chin/ I should get on to the series after my Naruto I'm halfway Shippuden already so that should be sooner than later XD

Tbh JJJ really shocked me when I watched Far From Home in the theaters !! HAHAHA I love it so much! For them to be able to keep it a secret is even more amazing lol Yeah! I usually just torrent my shows because as I like to keep saying "I'm Asian. it's what I do. I don't pay for my shows" as AWFUL as that sounds HAHAHAHHAHA I just even share Netflix from my friend because I don't really even watch that much unless it's a series I'm very interested in! Speaking of Netflix, do you watch Lucifer?! Or Umbrella Academy? :D The new seasons just came out and I'm AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want more Lucifer crossover with the DC shows tbh XD I've only watched the scenes wherein Constantine and Lucifer met lol

Yeah! Suga is so cute and I literally added him to my cart but didn't proceed, considering my boy Tanaka got canceled, I'm not obliged to collect the first batch now lol Plus, I love orange so much, it's one of my fave colors and knowing they "might" do the whole team in orange makes me happy XD HAHAHAH That is a cute nendo so that's very understandable XD I'm at the part in Naruto that Sasori got reanimated and then died and it reminded me how much I was crushing on him and here I am LOOKING at the Sasori nendo sdfasdf but then I'm still hoping for a proper scale figure---MAYBE ONE DAY HAHAHHA

OMG! thank god! Finally, someone who understands my dizziness when playing games! It's so upsetting cause there are a lot of games I want to play but the motion sickness is killing it for me T_T Oh yeah, the soundtrack of Doom is really good especially when you execute lmao I admit to spamming it nonstop AHHAHAHHAHAH Is Doom 2016 just short though or is it one of those 20-30 hour campaigns? About Titanfall 2 campaign, oh hell yeah it holds up! Honestly the best fps campaign I've played. It just really gets me right in the feels. /clutches chest/ And the multiplayer is suuuuper fun, it's my first multiplayer actually and I've been obsessed ever since. It's just that the leaders of your faction are so supportive whether you win or you lose, plus, the things the Titans tell you when you fight lmao My favourite is Ronin (who is a melee titan with a sword) he is voiced by the same person who does Reaper from Overwatch and HE JUST SOUNDS SO CONDESCENDING LMAO My favourite quote is "Friendly titan down. An unfortunate loss." as if he's saying "Well that's his fault HE SUCKS" HAHAHHAHA And there's another titan called Legion and he's a tank. The rest of the titans, when surrounded, would go and tell you to retreat but he goes "You are outnumbered by enemy titans, advise aggressive sustained counterfire." and I'm like "LEGION WTF WE GONNA GET WRECKED!" and he's just all "NO BITCH YOU KEEP SHOOTING OR I'LL SHOOT YOU" XD And when you eject from your titan because your titan is dying, your titans would give you personal messages as a goodbye like this: i.redd.it/ucdag... , i.redd.it/1yh4n... , and img.ifunny.co/i... lol there was even images-cdn.9gag... XD They reference some movies and stuff it's hilarious. It's just overall super fun cause you get to fight this "war" while piloting mechs who are all snarky lol And gosh I know T_T Since I don't think they'll even sell ALL pains. :((( Idk how they'll do it either lmao prolly just Yahiko OTL

RIGHT??!! OMG I mean I haven't pre-ordered it yet cause I am waiting for the guy they based Hades on. This one twisted-wonderl... I might go weak and order the heck out of him just because he's pretty lmao And yes!! Kimono Kakashi is super expensive though but I told myself "he's pretty he's pretty he's pretty just deal with it and think of your happiness when you get him" looool XD
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Right? What are the chances anyway that TV series casts make it to the big screen? Like I know the big screen cast can obviously go for the TV series ones but I haven't seen it done the other way around. Cause I still really want Charlie :(( HAHAHHA Oooh that would be very interesting! Though tbh I'm not really familiar with Punisher. I just know he's a war veteran like Steve XD Apparently Jason is in the new season of Young Justice but he's part of the League of Assassin's and he's holding BABY DAMIAN XD Not sure yet what is happening tbh as I haven't torrent-ed the new season as it's on the DC subscription thing. Ugh. Also have you tried watching the Harley Quinn show? It's very entertaining! XD

They are truly indeed rereleasing the Haikyuu ones! Suga just got a pre-order but I am holding back. My Tanaka got cancelled because it was sold out lol So I am hoping the new orange ones are for the whole team too! Since there's a Kageyama now. Hmmm /rubs chin/ Oh wow what nendo is this $150?! I can't even pay $50 for a nendo :O Well OK except for Spidey but he's an exception for EVERYTHING AHHAHAHA Awww you're such a good seller, a lot of people should be like you ;v; Most of these people try to up the prices so much even tho they didn't even spend that much for the figure to begin with (-_-) Isn't he a cutie? LOL I haven't gotten him yet but I feel like I need to put a stop to this nendo spree AHHAHAHAHAHH Agreed! Kuroko is just so shippable plus he's nice so everyone deserves a Kuroko in their lives XD I love it every time Kuroko teases Kagami with Number 2 LOOOOOOL

oooh! Doom like the first game? Or the new one? I have Doom Eternal and I still haven't started on it. I did start the 2016 one a few months ago but I haven't finished it as I got dizzy after two hours or so XD Yeah, Titanfall 2 is friggin cool! It's like Pacific Rim too with the whole connecting to pilot thing, however, the titans here have a mind of their own and you get too attached to your titan. Most of the players cried so hard playing the campaign and I am one of them. XD Whoa 10 times EACH? AHAHHA Totally relatable! Tbh I'd rather replay my favourite games than suffer from new ones trying too hard to like them. XD Would you believe I have never played Sims in my life? I have friends who are obsessed with it but for some reason, I just never got the game not even once sdfsdf IDK WHY THO? Maybe the opportunity hasn't presented itself to me or something. XD I got a feeling it's gonna be Yahiko Pain too. He's prolly the most recognizable afterall. BUT I still want this one twitter.com/mac... LOL He's just so pretty okay XD I know he died first out of all the Pains HAHHA I also want Deidara T^T <3 oooh! I haven't started on Banana Fish but I have the series downloaded. Let me know if it's good! :D Ash looks so good UGHH I'm looking out for his figure just in case I get attached lol But he's overpriced right now so PERHAPS a rerelease if it happens, if not then I guess I'll die HAHAHHA Do tell me if you're getting Ash he looks wonderful, the megahouse one T^T
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tomocchi Superneko
Thank you. :3
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Oh yeah I heard it was cancelled :(( Granted I haven't even finished the first season of Daredevil, it was pretty great :( I do hope Matt becomes Peter's lawyer in Spider-Man 3 LOOOL I have yet to watch Punisher even though I have the comics lmao I know Jon is friends with Tom since they had a movie together! So just imagine if they actually share a screen again 8D Yes! Nightwing is in it! First he was Robin there and tbh I thought he was TIM since they had Superboy and every time I see Superboy, my brain automatically knows the Robin is Tim and not Dick. But this one, the Robin is Dick! However Tim does come along too when Dick becomes Nightwing. I was so shocked because WELL WHERE IS MY BOY JASON? They show him in passing that he died OTL

Thanks I might as well wait for the new batch of Haikyuu nendos XD But if I get lucky, maybe Noya will get a rerelease so I can have him with my best boy lol Also apparently our boy is getting a nendo!! ITEM #1029136 8D Yes I agree! Midochin is so adorable with his lucky items HAHAHA But boy is she scary with those shots XD YES MIDOTAKA IS OTP Nothing can break them apart HAHAHAH Thats also prolly why I got the Takao figure cause now I cannot not have Midochin without Takao XD Kagami is so pure :(( I love him so much <3 HHAHHAA I currently just have Kise and Kuroko (my OTP) for nendos for now since I really do want to collect their full scales for now XD Omg AHHAHA Definitely get you with all these sports anime teaching us stuff like I got to apply these to a live game I went to that I had to write about for the school paper all thanks for Kuroko lmao

Do tell me if you get into playing Jedi Fallen Order! It's one of my fave games! I think I've replayed it 6 times now lol still not as much as I replay Titanfall 2 (which is 12 times now) I guess but GETTING THERE! XD What weird me out too is that a lot of "PC MASTER RACE" people kept on bragging about the mouse and keyboard and I'm like ?? I CANT I suck so bad Idk how to even fuction with when playing a normal game LOL I'm trying to resist getting Sasori myself because that means I gotta get the rest of the Akatsuki and I already missed Itachi :(( I do wanna get Pain but are they gonna just make one or ALL OF PAIN? AHAHHAHA Or just simply Nagato? XD
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