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    Glad to know you've found another work. Is the place nice? Are you liking it?

    I've had a few troubles lately, but things are slowly calming down. Sadly, they calm down at the peak of my work season, but at least it's less problems.

    We should set a day to play Overwatch sometime, you'll have fun watching me die a thousand deaths XDD

    Did you watch Castlevania? I'm so in love with Alucard again...
    4 mies. temu
    Hey there!

    You okay? I'm a bit worried if you're not well or just playing Spiderman XDDD
    6 mies. temu
    VongolaTsuna (2 l. temu) #18595162Thats good to hear was worried something happened good to know your in good health hahaha, well me im kinda bored with work already so many toxic people at work but just not minding them anymore learned the art of ignore mode haha i just go to work then go home immediately as well haha
    ughhh that wonfes is killing soooo many figures that i like *__* and i said i will try to limit myself on figures but ughhh that lineup though
    haha i did haha it was a lovely shoot hahaha even met someone I like XD im on the courting stage now lolol hahaha, if you want to see my cosplays you can check my world cosplay account this is the link worldcosplay.ne...
    havent seen any reborn G.E.M.s do you have a link? haha I want a tsuna or xanxus or enma haha XD
    haha havent really played all the final fantasy games haha only played the remakes like final fantasy iv on the ds havent even finished 7 and 8 haha my favorite is still 10 though haha yuna and riku babe hahaha XD
    for line i dont have one but i can download if that is the only way we can communicate haha
    i have snapchat, instagram, facebook also have facetime for ios lol XD
    hehe thanks

    Toxic people at work is terrible, it's what makes me glad that now I work from home most of the time, only for a few projects I have to go to office and so. I used to work on a terrible place, it made me quite sick once. Be careful there, don't let these people negativity poison you, I wanna see you happy and healthy^^

    I decided to stop planning, cause whenever I say I'll reduce the figures they make something that make me go GAH! (;*´Д`)ノ And now I have three nendos to pay in august, oh joy! T_T

    Wow! I loved that FF shoot! Your group is amazing, you all must have worked really hard with the costumes! Congratulations!!! And how are things going with the person you liked? I hope it's going well, super rooting for you here!^^

    There's no prototype for those GEMs yet, they announced Tsuna and Hibari (of course) ITEM #549424 ITEM #549425 . I hope they sell well and they make at least some of the guardians and Varia. I need more Yamamoto and Squalo in my life, even if I'm lacking space to keep them XDD

    Oh boy, I would be a terrible friend if I didn't tell you to go play FFVI, it's a lovely game. Have been praying for a remake since I got my PS1 as a really little girl XDDD FFX is good, but VII is higher in my heart - just a tiny bit XDD

    And I finally got started with FFXV and I'm so glad to be alive XDDD I liked FFXIII, but it was one of the weakest FF (XII-2 was terrible, it made me so sad and I think I lost a piece of my soul trying to play that XD), and I was a bit afraid about the new game. I shouldn't have been, if I could I'd spend the whole day playing.

    Aww, you'd download line so we could talk! You're such a nice boy!♥♥♥ If you get it let me know your id so I can add you^^
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    VongolaTsuna (2 l. temu) #18771641happy birthday :)

    thank you so much
    2 l. temu

    I'm fine, sorry for worrying you, dear! m(_ _)m I've been planning to log in here and add some stuff for weeks, but didn't have much time. Just after my last message to you I got some more work to do and still have to finish some papers for my degree... Tiresome stuff, really tiresome stuff.

    But what about you, are you well? Not overworking, I hope^^

    I can see poverty on the horizon for us... Did you see the Reborn G.E.M.s? I'm kinda sad that there's no Yamamoto or Squalo (my husbands! XDD) but I'll have to order anyway, there's no helping it! And I was planning to stop with the scales, but they also announced two Mitsutadas and there's Victor and then I'll need to rent another house to store my things! XDDD I have so many nendos preordered, don't know how I'll deal with the lack of space XDDD Did you see the announcements from Wonfest? I was waiting for a lot of Yuri on Ice stuff, was a bit disappointed...

    I loved Bungou anime so much, hope they'll make another season cause the next arc is amazing and some of my favourite authors from real life will appear.

    Did you make the Dissidia shoot? I'm so curious to see the pics, you're such a talented cosplayer! Love to see nice FF cosplay =] And how come you don't know Setzer?! Go play FFVI now, you have to! He was one of my first loves, just before Lantis from Rayearth XDD The guy has an airship with a casino inside, how not to love it? XD

    Do you use Line? It's the message app I use, haven't been able to use skype lately.

    Great profile pic, totally approved!
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    VongolaTsuna (2 l. temu) #16829981belated happy birthday ^^
    Thank you!
    2 l. temu
    VongolaTsuna (2 l. temu) #15016739YEY I can comment again weird though took a few days for me to be able to comment back ,
    Its all good I do hope you're taking care of yourself as well don't want you getting sick or anything
    damn must be quite a hassle life there by not even opening figures and reading manga you bought :v
    what anime have you been watching? I recommend totally re:zero hahaha also mob100%
    also the new danganronpa animes and shokugeki s2 just finished as well still waiting for one punch man season 2 though
    well for apps and social media stuuf
    i use instagram, facebook and snapchat aside from that only mfc haha
    as per my life haha im doing good too many orders hahaha XD damnit haha
    haha I changed my profile picture so you can see my cos hahaha dark knight cecil
    if your familiar as well with monster hunter that is my latest costume a gore magala armor set
    hmmm not really sure what anime next season to watch hopefully some good ones that will interest me haha
    hopefully your ps3 will get revived hehe
    time for you to buy ps4 haha
    im still saving up need to buy too many games as well hype for persona 4 and final fantasy xv haha
    also yeah kingdom hearts 2.8 as well but damn the news for kh 3 still not much update
    for now im playing the kingdom hearts unchained mobile game
    hahaha well too tempting not to get him he got the wings haha
    i would definitely get zack if he was release hopefully a new version of kingdom hearts cloud would be released too that would be epic

    Hi there! I know it's a bit late, but I hope you had an amazing birthday, with lots of cake, gifts and good things!^^

    I'm feeling a lot better now, have been trying to take better care of myself so I won't get sick as often. Doing good with my work too, so I don't have to kill myself pulling all nighters XDD And I'm really glad cause I'm slowly reading all those late manga I have piled up here \o/
    You have quite the nendo army ordered, huh?! I'm impressed! And are you ready to spend quite a lot of money on Reborn goodies? Look at this list for the next few months: www.shonenjump.... I'm seeing myself going to classes using a nice Reborn tote bag XDD And they started making Eldlive goodies too, so soon I'll get really really poor -_-'

    I loved your Cecil cosplay, you're really good at it! And it looks so well made, congratulations! You should make Setzer too (but it's dangerous, I'd probably fall in love with you) XDDDD

    This anime season is truly a fujoshi fest XDD I'm having a lot of fun. Kiss Him Not Me is even funnier as anime. I'm team senpai until the end XDD. I don't know if you're watching Bungou Stray Dogs, I saw that you ordered the nendos. If you're watching, did you like Dazai's past arc? It was great, but made me a bit sad...

    I still dream about Genesis and Angeal Play Arts, Zack needs someone to spar with XDD
    2 l. temu
    Hm, weird, looks like I can post stuff on your profile... Was it some bug perhaps?
    2 l. temu
    Hi dear!

    Can you forgive me for making you worry? Life has been a bit of a hassle lately, too much troubles, too little time to deal with them... I can only hope that things will really calm down this time, because I'm getting sick and still have stuff to do T_T Can you believe I have three nendos I didn't open yet and about 30 new manga I didn't have time to read yet? I'm watching some of this season anime but it's just because I watch them while doing something else at the same time, or else I wouldn't be able to do that. I'm really glad I'll take a week away from home next month.

    I was going to ask, which of those smartphone message apps do you use?

    But what about you? How are you doing? And what about that nice looking profile picture? XDDD I missed talking to you^^

    Are you fired up for next season? I'll need to plan my schedule with a lot of caution because there are so many nice stuff to watch. And finally, Kiss Him Not Me anime will be released. I love the manga, it's so funny, hope the anime is the same! Will you try to watch it?

    My beloved ps3 died, and that was such a treason! Now that I needed to save money to buy his brother and some new games he played this prank with me T_T And are you a bit upset about the release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and the lack of release of KH3? I'm afraid I'll die of old age and this game won't be released.

    And what a bold guy you are! Ordered that expensive Sephiroth Play Arts Kai?!?! I love FFVII but don't have enough courage to that, unless it was Zack, my sanity is totally partial to him XDDD
    2 l. temu
    VongolaTsuna (3 l. temu) #6836002Waaaaaa i miss you soooo much miss talking err chatting errr writing to you i was actually worried since its been so long since we last talked glad to know you are doing good
    Year is good since i got a new job to pay for figures and games and cosplay lol but still a callcenter agent ughhhh
    I know how you feel nendoroids are freaking killing me specially the announcement of new ones imma kill for the new pokemon nendoroids as well as the red champion version
    Also games are killing me as well dying because of the hunt for fire emblem fates limited edition which people are killing to get lol.
    Well finished with onepunchman and other series currently watching assasination classroom 2 as well and grimhar something lol, dagashi kashi, luck and logic, durarara ketsu and kono suba as well as museigen pahantom and stride hahahaha
    I got snapchat btw maybe you have it also
    Go and create an instagram account hehehe we can talk more in pictures hehe
    For cosplay i also been busy haha will cosplay a monster hunter character and cecil darkknight from ffiv haha

    Never worry about me, dear friendie^^ I've been taking lots of hiatuses lately, but I'll always come back XDDD Actually, now I'll have two free weeks because I had an accident and now my poor right foot needs rest.

    I just received two nendoroids today, but I still have four ordered this year XDD And if a new Touken Danshi gets on preorder, I guess I'll be doomed once more, yay! And I'm dying for Dazai nendo, I'm really loving Bungou Stray Dogs anime.

    And I'm sososo hyped for the new Final Fantasy. Those ova only made me more anxious to play the game, I'm praying for a good game, wouldn't survive a disappointment like FFXIV-2, that was so terrible.

    I'm watching too many shows on this season, don't know if I'll be able to keep following everything because there's work and school and research too @_@ This time my list have: Gyakuten Saiban, Endride,Jojo, Bungou Stray Dogs,Ushio to Tora, Shounen Maid and probably something I forgot XP But there are lots of nice stuff, I can't resist.

    I really was going to make an instagram, but then I remembered that they belong to facebook, so I'd rather not. Don't wanna sell my soul to Evil Zuckerberg XDDD I don't use snapchat, I'll see if I'll give it a try^^

    Ohh, did you get started on your Cecil cosplay?? I wanna see pictures, I love the older FF games. If someday you cosplay Setzer I'll have to ask you to marry me, so be warned XDDDD
    2 l. temu
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