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*My gaming ****posts. I didn't make any of these but I did want to share them though! Want a break from obtaining your CMRS? Take a breather.*

www.youtube.com... (The calibrations couldn't wait.)
www.youtube.com... (Studying hard is its own reward)
www.youtube.com... (Who brings a nuke to a gunfight?)
www.youtube.com... (Best way to lose your tenure)
www.youtube.com... (Booping viral sensation!)
www.youtube.com... (What's IN it anyway?)
www.youtube.com... (Lucina says what again?)
www.youtube.com... (Why Sacred Stones was so easy)
www.youtube.com... (Marth just wants his friends close)
www.youtube.com... (Can you beat him? Sho yu can!)
www.youtube.com... (What winning in EVO sounds like!)

Vilseriol! I'm a casual collector who started off with Figma Yukiko and my collection has snowballed from there. Most of my collection consists of articulated figures. I'm not a huge fan of statues but I'm slowly gaining interest in them. Price, likeness, and style are important qualities. I'm not as impulsive to buy them due to their more expensive prices.

I used to collect model kits, particularly cars and planes by Tamiya. Not anymore though. I don't think I have the same interest now that I'm older, but who know? Maybe I'll get that ONE model kit that sparks my passion again.

Figma is my mainstay but I also have other brands such as Real Action Heroes and SH Figurarts. I like Figma because they're one of the best looking figures out there, in my opinion. Their smooth paint and clean presentation are what wins me over. I just wish they were less expensive or at least come with more accessories.

Nendoroids are okay. They're very cute but I'm not a fan of their chibi style. Not to harp on the brand, but I love how tiny they are but the boxes that they come in are as big as Figma boxes.

Figure wishlist:
-Real Action Heroes figure of Hana Isuzu.

-1/25 model kit of a 2016 Chrysler 300 and a 2018 Corvette Stingray

-1/1 model kit of a Mammoth Tank Mk.3 with prototype reactive armor tread slats.

-A 1/7 scale Of Nero Claudius with a smug grin while brandishing Aestus Estes in a pose that's not obscuring her face, accompanied by a rose motif base.

-Figma: Kloe Rinz, Elie MacDowell, Laura S. Arseid, Sara Valestein, Juna Crawford, Agate Crosner, Oliver Lenheim, Elliot Craig, Kurt Vander, Adol Christin, Sahad Nautilus, Laxia von Roswell and Dana Icarusia. I demand more Falcom stuff. Also, the Fault Milestone girls (including Melano)

-Hot Toys: Dante Sparda and Rebecca Chambers.

-Nendoroid: Vert/Green Heart, Laura S. Arseid, Kloe Rinz, Tita Russell, Laxia von Roswell, Dana Icarusia and Koha from Momodora.

-Scale statue: Vert/Green Heart, Melano, Richter Belmont, Soma Cruz, Shanoa Rixia Mao and Adam Jensen.

-Beach Queens: Sara Valestein, Kloe Rinz and Laura S. Arseid (I know BQ's are considered scales, but this brand is a bit more specific with the style.)

What's a guy got to do to get a scale of an anime muscular guy (preferably not a bishounen) showing off his body, Rennaisance style? No, I'm a straight guy. Yes, I have muscle envy lol I just appreciate a good body, both guy and girl you know?

And yes, just about any figure of Laura S. Arseid is an instant-buy. How could you not like a valkyrian blue haired beauty who is trust worthy, strong, dependable, and has the ability to malfunction any piece of technology that seemingly came from the decade of 1990 and beyond? BTW, it sucks being an international fan of Legend of Heroes. Not only is Trails of Zero and Azure locked in Asia, but everyone in the rest of the world besides Japan has to wait for years before it gets localized in English.
Programy TV
Watching: Castlevania, Your lie in April and my mini pumpkin patch (Please grow faster)
Currently reading: Some medical manuals and textbooks. Boring, but necessary..
Currently playing: Super Mario Odyssey, Use Your Words, snd If My Heart Had Wings. Waiting for: Fault: Silence the Pedant, Fault Milestone 2: side;below Aegis Rim, Super Mario Odyssey, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
Punkty MOE
Trench coat, mini skirts, skin tight knee length skirts, thigh highs, pony tail, black cats, fancy blouses, rolled up sleeves, fencing sword, sneakers, droopy eyes, purple hair, red hair, green hair, polearm, yellow and green eyes.
The sigh of relief my clients make after finishing a long rep. I know that feeling haha
Samsung Galaxy S6. This thing can shoot up to 16 migapixels! lol


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Huh? Yuuki is feeling fine. I dont know what you mean
2 d. temu
Uy, kamusta? 'eto, wala pa ring masyado nadadagdag sa collection; maigi pa 'yung kapatid ko, nadadagdagan 'yung kanya..hahahaha!

Sana nga, e, mabigyan rin ako nito sa darating na Pasko! Hahaha!
Naku, damang dama na rin ang Pasko rito.. Alam mo naman, basta dumating na ang September, lagi nang may countdown ng Pasko dito!
Dagdag pa d'yan 'tong malamig na paspas ng hangin...naku, sobrang maginaw tuwing gabi!!

Dito naman sa kapitbahayan namin wala pa rin masyadong decoration, pero tiyak 'yan pagdating ng December mismo, saan ka man magpunta, tiyak meron! Hahaha!
2 d. temu
How about one of the dozens of Miku. ;)
1 mies. temu
One saber coming up ;)
1 mies. temu
What flavour should that Nendoroid be sir?
1 mies. temu
Valestein3 (1 mies. temu) #26162887I see. Now you only have double digits instead of triple!
Also, spear waif shipped!

Yush, haha so much that i removed :P

ah, scathach? or another?
1 mies. temu
Valestein3 (1 mies. temu) #26156988Kiruru! How's the uh, coke? Yummy, I hope? Hehehe
yumy, i cleaned my wishlist some today haha.

how are you?
1 mies. temu
Valestein3 (2 mies. temu) #25958085Happy birthday, muh dear waif haha
Kiruru, I hope you'll have a wonderful day.
*Insert gif of Len lighting your birthday cake while Lucina is trying slyly trying to shave off some of the frosting, HERE*

Thank you my Knighto, Haha
Thank you Vale, i will.

*insert gif of Jeanne and Takao holding up a thank you sign*
2 mies. temu
Rajke Ca fanatic
Valestein3 (2 mies. temu) #25231986Hello, Rajke! Happy birthday! I wish you the best, and that NOTHING will your ruin your day. It's your moment your time to shine.
*insert gif of Ankou team lighting your birthday cake, HERE&

Thank you :D
2 mies. temu
Valestein3 (2 mies. temu) #24981583Ay nako, pare. Yong case 1100 something yen. Yang yong pinkaka mahal na item sa order ko. Shotgun was for sale for about 700 yen. Ang sulit, tol! Na chambahan ko yon hehe.
Ano? Hindi ka imuiinom? Ano ka? SDA? xD hindi joke lang.

Ayy talaga? Sulit na,,!
Masyado ata akong nahumaling ulit sa scale figures, hindi na ako nakapag-ipon para sa weapons & accessories para sa figma; ang latest ko ata ay 'yung Type 89 rifle: ITEM #422456 nagustuhan ko rin 'to kasi may bayoneta - ang astig kaya..! (≧ω●)▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一
hahahahaha hindi naman; hindi lang talaga ako masyado nainom..kung Coca-Cola, oks na oks 'yan! hahaha!
2 mies. temu
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