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I make pretty fandom jewelry. Come check it out!

My Shop- www.creativetsurera.com

Clearing out a lot of figures- www.ebay.com/us...



Just wanted to let you know I'm doing a group order for Shueisha Mekke, if you there were any little Naruto/One Piece/Jump items that caught your fancy. clubs.php?mode=...
4 l. temu
Fantastic!! I hope you enjoy Ling/Greed!

Tsurera4 l. temu#6207949Just wanted to let you know that the Ichiban Ling just arrived and he's fantastic. Thank you so much! And shipping was so fast! =D
4 l. temu
Could you do me a favor? >_<

I went to NYCC and met Mamitan at the GSC booth and she said GSC responds better to likes and comments for requests for figures on facebook (moreso than direct requests or petitions!). I posted on their page here www.facebook.co... a request for a Mako figma from Kill la Kill (and more KLK nendos or figmas in general). Could you please like the post and post a comment showing support? I'm really curious to see if this works!! Thank you so much! (the comments are on the left on their page)
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I don't have the option to leave you feedback, so I'm going to leave it here on your comments section. The shipping was extremely fast! The packaging was amazing! Everything was packed neatly and secured. The item was just as you described it, 100% brand new. Thank you for a flawless transaction! Hope to buy from you again soon.
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Tsurera5 l. temu#2809397my # is the one that starts 869. I haven't played it. I assume it's a demo on the PS4? I'd love to see it =D When were you thinking? I'm surprisingly busy this weekend XD

Hmm... dan and I were planning to go to Mystic either this weekend or next. Looks like snow this weekend so we are discussing if we are going to go next week or what. We have a brunch sunday but other than that we are free. We haven't been making many plans so we can get our ducks in a row lol
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Hey haha I went to text you and realized I had two different numbers for you, and remembered that happened last time I went to text you as well so I wanted to jump on that and correct it! Dan wanted to know if you've played ff15 demo or if you wanted to come over and play :-)
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Pikachu tsumu tsumu! I immediately thought of you!! Somehow I feel that something is wrong with the world if you don't own/play with this...
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Tsurera6 l. temu#2298850Sooo any updates on when I'll be getting Armin and the final price.

Yep he's $46.90 and whenever you want to nab him I guess
6 l. temu
I feel like the more time I spend on MFC the more exasperated I become. Dan was too busy this week but I'm on his case about another game night. Will be soon~ hope you'll be able to come!
6 l. temu
Got an email back, seems like they went and adjusted the orders. Free shipping, huzzah!
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