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Hey everyone! I’m Arrow nice to meet cha!
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Hi how much would you want the Johnny joestar SAS for? I have it full in great condition
6 godz. temu
Hi! Are you still looking for the Yozora Cat Costume ver?
1 d. temu
Hello there Slan!

It looks like your inbox is full
1 mies. temu
Sorry for such the late response! My inbox is full but you can email me at Huongngo663@gmail.com so it’s easier to talk through there about the Melty figure along with further details!(^v^)
1 mies. temu
Hello your inbox is full I need to know where you are from(America or Canada etc) I need it to estimate the shipping fee as well not just the zip
2 mies. temu
For some reason my “outbox is full”(What????? I don’t get it myself) but the only figure I am willing to sell is my erishkigal for 400 new in box never used or we can negotiate on the price
Or if you want you can ask me which ones you want to buy and I will see what I can do (I am probably gonna be fine as my manager wants me to work full time for a week soon)
2 mies. temu
IDK if your inbox is full but ai-chan is 15$ shipping
2 mies. temu
Got response but inbox is full, message me with email I guess?
2 mies. temu
Can you please send me your email seems like your inbox is full
So I can send you pictures and a price for her
2 mies. temu
Sorry I don’t think the email went through because the wifi strength here is weak >__<

I will send you an email with detailed images once I’m home, but rest assured your package is shipped and I’ll provide tracking on PayPal too :)
2 mies. temu
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