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世界の第一番ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン ファン
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Got Venera yesterday.
Arrived perfectly! Thanks. :D
2 d. temu
I can totaly understand your thoughts I think you should really thinking about if you want to host one last time as I'm sure many people will join just to get some free stuff but don't care for much more

I'm glad to hear you got some more support here on MFC besides me! I really felt like leaving a nice message for you :)

I must say I haven't watched much seasonal anime in a long time... expections must be stuff like additional seasons to Overlord and Violet Evergarden but other than that nothing really caught my eye anymore and everything just looks the same
As for MFC before I made an account on here I was lurking a lot for a really long time and I agree that the whole community seemd a lot more nice and caring back in the day espeicaly when looking at older posts it's a shame but I try to bring some joy in here no matter what!

Oh gosh I could hardly accept that I think! but of course it's your decision and like this you can make sure everyone gets a nice new home :)

I did thank you <3

PS. I hope you accept my FR so you can remain on my profile haha
23 d. temu
Hey there,

sorry for my late reply! I was really busy at work today haha

So yeah I noticed the bullshit as well... I get why it's a reason you feel like leaving was the right choice but honestly people like this you will see pretty much anywhere these days which is a damn shame... why can't people just accept other peoples views and respect their decisions...

Will you delete your account? or just stop logging in?

Also... are you sure to host one last giveaway after what happend? Honestly if I had the money I would gladly take one of your beloved figures haha but I just recently started a new job and christmas time rolls around x_x really stressful times
If you do decide to still host it I will gladly join of course so I have something to cherish from you

Anyway I hope you had a great day <3
25 d. temu
What happend to your article that you are leaving? :o Did I miss something?
26 d. temu
Thank you very much!
1 mies. temu
Heyyys just wanted to ask if you will be interested in a trade with your repeated violet vol. 1 badge XD cause I have 3 repeats on vol.2 of glibert, loen and Oscar :) do contact me through Instagram @gay_for_violet if u are interested :)
1 mies. temu
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Hey there!
2 mies. temu
minix2poo (2 mies. temu) #41026704Hey Silver, maybe you should create a give away group, so people can just subscribe to the group, so it becomes easier to follow the give away threads!

Oh hey! That's a great idea!
Let me look into it
2 mies. temu
Hey Silver, maybe you should create a give away group, so people can just subscribe to the group, so it becomes easier to follow the give away threads!
2 mies. temu
Yes, absolutely. it's weird for people to get upset over the equality of women in western society period.
2 mies. temu
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