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Sethy5 l. temu#2923170Ik ben er net over heen, het was een leuke dag. Bedankt voor het wensen en het bericht.

Graag gedaan, hoor! En nog leuke cadeautjes gehad? :)
5 l. temu
Ik ben veel te laat, sorry! D:

Maar een hele fijne verjaardag gewenst!!!!!

5 l. temu
Sethy6 l. temu#2183445Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Hopelijk heb je een geweldige dag.
Dankjeee :D Dat zal ik zeker!
6 l. temu
Sethy6 l. temu#2139469Hoi Stephanie, gefeliciteerd met het jaartje erbij. Ik hoop dat je een leuke dag hebt vandaag ook al regent het vreselijk buiten.

Bedankt! ^^
6 l. temu
Sorry voor de veel te late reactie, maar gefeliciteerd!!!! :D

6 l. temu
You're welcome =D
Sethy6 l. temu#2101709Thanks kind Sir.
6 l. temu
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
6 l. temu
Happy Birthday Sethy
6 l. temu
Hello everyone~!

A new review from me is up again! This time from Black Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh! BLOG #11521

With this message I also wanted to let you guys know that this will be my last wall-update for my reviews, since they are taking me too much time to do. :( So if you are interested in my reviews and would like updates, please subscribe to my blog here: profile/Maakie/... You can do that by hitting the button "subscribe".

Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy my future reviews!

~ Maakie
6 l. temu
Hello my friends from MFC! :)

When I did my last review and messaged about it, I got no reply back from someone not liking me to message him/her. Which is good news, I think! :'D

Still I would like to request something small from you guys~. If you like my reviews, could you please subscribe to my blog? You can do that by going to profile/Maakie/... and then hit "subscribe" in the small grey bar directly above the articles themselves.

It would save me a lot of time with having to message everyone interested in my reviews. ^-^'' So if you have subscribed, could you please send me a message back to let me know?

That aside, I also have other news! I just finished a new review: BLOG #11426 I hope you like it! ^w^

I wanted to thank you guys also with all the support and liking you have given to my reviews! Thank you!

~ Maakie
6 l. temu
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