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That Guilty Gear 20th anniversary pack is calling my name
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Reitsune1 mies. temu#81979274For both art & character-wise I prefer Velvet and Laphicet too. :P I still enjoyed Zesty (Dezel was my fave character *cries in corner*) but Berseria was a stronger game to me. I adored the entire cast and the story/gameplay was handled better. Ahhh, I’d love a large Guy figure! Jade, Guy and Tear were my personal favorites in Abyss. Thinking of the anniversary, I’m incredibly excited they’re making a Luke and Asch(finally!!) figure set. Wish it was Alter though Koto is still nice quality. At least there’s hope for more! :)
I'm glad to hear that, cause I thought I was the only one! Sorey and Mikleo seem to be the more popular duo, especially when it comes to merch. I uh, actually haven't finished Zesty lol. I played Berseria first and started Zesty a month or two ago, but haven't gotten around to finishing it. The combat is just...uncompelling. On the other hand, Berseria was super fun to play, and I think that it has my favorite story so far! Are you excited for Arise?

Haha, I think Jade was everyone's favorite lol. Wish there was a character like him in every Tales game. Yeeesss Asche! I'm kinda mad him and Luke aren't separable lol...
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Reitsune1 mies. temu#81727096No problem, I’m glad you were able to snag it! :) Both the Berseria and Zestiria one are very pretty in person(if only the frames matched each other orz). I wish they made more Tales framed art like this - I’d love Vesperia or Abyss. ;_;

The Zesty one is nice too! I was thinking about getting that one as well, but I like the art in the Berseria one better...also the characters lol. Which do you prefer? Aaahh, I'd love that too! I bet if Vesperia or Abyss had been initially released nowadays instead of 10+ years ago, we'd definitely have some framed art to buy, and probably a Guy figure now that I think of it lol. Here's to hoping something will surface for Abyss' second (?) anniversary lol.
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey! I just wanted to let you know I won the auction! Thanks for telling me about it.
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Reitsune3 mies. temu#78764612Hello, I purchased that particular one at Lashinbang while in Tokyo. I would try searching Yahoo auctions, Rakuten or maybe Suruga-ya (with a proxy service) to see if any pop up. Thanks for the comment!
Oh lucky! Thanks for the tips. I hadn't thought about checking Rakuten so I'll do that!
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey! Jw where you got ITEM #492856?
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Are you interested in selling the black rose canvas wall piece
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Hello, and happy birthday :)
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FinalFan2 l. temu#29087141Hey there, happy birthday!
Hope you'll get more cool GG stuff soon :)

Hey there, thanks so much! :D My last big splurge was a second pair of Sol Badguy themed Super Groupies shoes. This way I won't feel bad actually wearing them on occasion... My obsession with Sol/Guilty Gear knows no bounds. ^^;;; Other than that, I recently purchased the old swimsuit gashapon set on the cheap. Not much else (yet)... Thanks for the comment!
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Hey there, happy birthday!

Hope you'll get more cool GG stuff soon :)
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Reitsune3 l. temu#23919432No problem, I'm glad to hear you had a good day. ^_^ That's very exciting news! By chance is it the Rev 2 bonus cd? I thankfully snagged one from my JP and UK editions. The USA release was so bare-bones this time. XP
Congrats, the alternative color is very pretty! I love that they even gave her a menacing grin. Out of the two FREEing made I prefer that one. They're both very lovely though... Ramlethal-wise I only have the Max Factory version on pre-order. Very pricey though I'm afraid of the aftermarket prices. Trying to find a decently priced I-no is brutal.

Yes for Rev2 OST, it's the one from the japanese release, I managed to grab one at decent price from yahoo. Meaning I'll own the 3 Xrd CDs, yay!

I'll probably won't bother to order Ram from Max F since it's her standard pose, unlike the Freeing one. Sadly, same goes for Jam.
Good luck with I-No!
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