The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.
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I want to make an account, but site wont let me
1 d. temu
rozelle under Itachi's genjutsu
Bought ITEM #1023012 from Nin-Nin Game and received it within 3 days. No issues. Thanks :3
3 d. temu
I purchased Saotome Mary via preorder from them. The shipping was quick and the price was very good considering I would have paid more If I had bought her directly from Japanese stores or other competitors.

No issues! :)
9 d. temu
figured i’d add a review after i received something from them. i was also once skeptical because of the negative reputation surrounding the company but after i saw a figure that was no longer up for preorder anywhere else was available on nin-nin i decided to give them a try. i was contacted with an insufficient shipping fee as well, but i kind of expected it as shipping prices keep rising and did indicate they were willing to put the figure in a smaller box if possible. cost for a 1/7 thats closer to 1/6th size was about $40~ usd via DHL. after i paid they shipped the figure half an hour later. arrived today, packaged nicely as expected.

i’ve also seen complaints about fees for cancellations? unsure if prepaid preorders are charged to cancel but i’ve used their pay later preorder option and cancelled the orders several times and have never gotten charged. response time was same day.

my takeaway is that i’ll definitely be buying again from nin-nin. their prices always seem to compete with amiami base prices to an extent as well which is nice. selection of figures seem to be up for preorder longer, as well as quick shipping and response times from staff
2 mies. temu
I POed a figure from here back in September since they had the best price. The figure was released a couple of days ago and my order started processing/being prepped for shipment. Today I log on to my account to see an "insufficient shipping fee" after pre-paying over half a year ago. I understand that the price of shipping/distribution has risen since September, but c'mon man... I chose this site because of the cheaper shipping and competitive prices. If you know shipping is going up, either prepay for a label or don't charge your customers the difference when you knew you were probably low-balling the cost/anticipating rates to rise.

Any time I've POed from a Japanese site, and paid for shipping in advance, I've always received my order without any type of payment issue. Most companies tend to not charge a difference or they'll create a prepaid label ahead of time. Why Nin-nin cannot do this is beyond me when several other Japanese figure companies will. If it's a capacity issue or due to contracts with companies, I get it; however, I seriously doubt this is the case since Nin-Nin's reputation is already awful.
2 mies. temu
rozelle under Itachi's genjutsu
The site delivers so fast now. I'm extremely satisfied! Received BINDing, Naruto, and skytube figures safely.

I guess I was just impatient when COVID was still on the rise and shipping took time (3 weeks or more). Thanks for an awesome service!

edit: people who complain about "insufficient fees" other proxy sites like Big in Japan do this too. Gas prices has gone up as well as the cost of living.
2 mies. temu
kevinlowl3 mies. temu#109273818www.nin-nin-gam...
Why does it still say preorder - release on 2020/09?
Your contact us page and your facebook is unreachable.
How are you still allowed to advertise on MFC?

Appears that we have not had the chance to remove that note on the page. We have thousands of items so it is possible there will be misses.

Anyways, if you would like to reach us please head over to our support link here:
3 mies. temu
Why does it still say preorder - release on 2020/09?
Your contact us page and your facebook is unreachable.
How are you still allowed to advertise on MFC?
3 mies. temu
My favourite site of all.
They have some delay due to covid and their change of storage, but pretty much 90% of my figures are from them, and i have 0 problem except for the long time shipping for some figure, due to the problem i've explain before.

- They have pretty good price
- You could have exclusive item where other site don't have it anymore
- Shipping is good, they now ship pretty fast and you CAN avoid taxes
- You can cancel an item, they understand when you have money issues etc, never had a problem with cancelling (cancelling preorder, i don't know when this is paid, but normal you have problem if you cancel a paid item...)

Really don't understand some of the HATE comments, maybe people need to be more patient, i don't know..
3 mies. temu
hollyn eren jaeger fangirl
an edit to my previous reviews: I had been very frustrated with this company as my product got stuck in this "preparation" hell over nearly a year. However, I recently made a ticket with their support section and they ended up shipping it within 1 day of my ticket being fully processed. Apparently they had a bug with their system and my order got lost a long time ago, but I am glad they were able to fix it so quickly (after I contacted them). In my experience, when items are in stock, this website is a good go-to. When items are on preorder, I haven't had the best experience but clearly they have improved their customer support and are getting better as a company each day.
4 mies. temu
The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.

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